Census: Australians are a minority in Australia

“New Australians.”

The Great Replacement is real:

More than half of all Australians are first or second-generation migrants, figures from the census have shown.

The results of the 2021 Census, released on Tuesday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), showed 48.2 per cent of Australians have a parent born overseas, and 27.6 per cent were born outside Australia.

Meanwhile, the number of people who used a language other than English at home has increased by nearly 800,000, rising to over 5.5 million people.

The ABS said the data showed Australia is a “fast-changing, growing and culturally diverse nation”.

The 2021 Census counted 25,422,788 people in Australia, excluding overseas visitors, and provides insight on areas including cultural diversity, families and homes, and how the country changed during the pandemic.

This is more than double the number counted 50 years ago, with the 1971 Census covering 12,493,001 people…..

From 2017 to 2021, over one million people (1,020,007) arrived in Australia, contributing to the proportion of residents who are either first or second-generation increasing to 51.5 per cent.

The largest increase in country of birth for people born outside Australia was India, which has moved past China and New Zealand to become the third-largest country of birth behind Australia and England.

An additional 217,963 people born in India were counted in the 2021 Census.

The second-largest increase in country of birth was Nepal, with an additional 67,752 people. According to the data, the population of Nepali-born Australian residents has more than doubled since 2016, with an increase of 123.7 per cent.

When it comes to ancestries, the top five reported followed previous trends with English, Australian, Irish, Scottish and Chinese being the top five most-reportied.

Consider the limitations of these figures. Many White immigrants would be included in the 1st or second generation immigrant category, although it is mostly non-white. Moreover many White and non-white immigrants are now third or fourth generation citizens.

Considering all post-war immigration and the millions of “temporary” residents on their way to citizenship via the back door, is reasonable to assume that Australia is less that 50% White. In the big cities it is a sure bet.

More concerning is the remaining proportion of Real Australians in Australia. An Australian is by definition of Anglo, Saxon or Celtic stock, whose ancestors arrived pre-WW2. I’m talking old school, 5 generation-plus Aussies. When I was a kid in the 80’s that was basically everyone I knew. Now, you have to go searching for us, particularly within 10 km of most CBD’s.

Getting into the numbers, If 51.5 percent of people living in Australia are either first or second generation migrants, in addition to post-War migrants and temporary residents, what proportion of Australian residents are of unmixed, Real Australian stock? I shudder to ponder how few of us remain. 40 percent? 30 percent? In the cities it could be as low as 25 percent.

Australia populated but Australians perished.

It remains incumbent on every pure blooded Australian to enquire of one’s potential wife or husband as to their family and (un)vaccination history, then reproduce at colonial era rates.

Our newfound status as a minority in our own land brings added bite to the words of slightly aboriginal Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe:

“You heard from Senator Price about not speaking on behalf of 700,000 people, well I agree with that, but it doesn’t mean that we can all come and have a group hug under a flag that represents dispossession, massacre and genocide.

“The colonial project came here and murdered our people well I’m sorry that we’re not happy about that.

“I’m sorry that this flag represents so much trauma for so many people, not all people but so many and they’re the people that I’m representing…

‘The flag does not represent me or my people. It represents the colonisation of these lands and it has no permission to be here. There has been no consent [from Indigenous people].’


‘Absolutely! That’s why I’m there. I’m there to infiltrate… I entered into the colonial project because I wanted to contribute to renewing this nation, and renewing this nation means that everybody in this country should know whose land they’re on.’

Like all good psychopaths, even when it looks like she’s finally admitting the truth, she is still lying.

The so-called “colonial project” in Australia is officially dead. Not a single politician in Australia explicitly and exclusively represents Australians. The last one to even come close to this, Fraser Anning, has been effectively banished. Every politician in Australia, White or non-White affirms multiculturalism as the state religion and supports mass immigration.

Every Australian nationalist organisation in the country is dedicated to peaceful activism and community building, yet state and federal governments are working to criminalise any pro-White activity and classify it as terrorism.

Thorpe herself has usurped the role of representing aboriginal people and is using them merely as pretext with which to complete the genocide of the Australian people. Every institution in the country, the government, the Lying Press, the education system, even sport and the arts are dedicated to demoralising Australians, convincing us that we have no culture, no identity, that we don’t exist, hoping we will breed ourselves out of existence.

Australia has no remaining industry to speak of, with an economic model reliant upon importing people from the third world to become debt serfs who take out lifelong mortgages on overpriced high rise apartments in the inner cities or homes in the far flung suburbs. This keeps our building industry on life support and maintains the illusion of economic growth so the government can con yet more non-Whites into immigrating here.

Thus my pitch to non-White and non-Anglo residents of Australia is not one of hate but of reason. If the government which brought you here treats the native inhabitants of this land with such disdain, what makes you think that once we are gone they will respect your cultural heritage which they purport to worship? In several generations you will not have no Italian or Greek or Indian or Lebanese or Peruvian heritage. Your grandchildren will have half a dozen cultural backgrounds between them, and half a dozen genders and sexual orientations to boot. They will have been brainwashed to believe you represent an era of bigotry and ignorance and any memory of your existence will be erased, just like the old school Aussies before you.

We are all better off fighting for our own people in our own lands. God knows we’re needed.

Australia is basically one giant genocide factory, churning people in, mixing them all together then sucking in more immigrants once its previous arrivals have burnt themselves out.

This is the New World Order Colonial Project which Lidia Thorpe represents. We can either fight for our own people in our own lands, or we all disappear.

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