Cost of Living Crisis: Power Bills to rise by 25%

I regret nothing.

Power bills are set to rise Australia-wide by 20-25% because waterfront property owners’ assets are in danger from sea level rise because people in the outer suburbs drive their cars to work to earn $25 an hour. We have to destroy fossil fuels. It’s the only way.

From the Lying Press:

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has confirmed electricity prices will increase by between 20 and 25 per cent from July 1 — higher than the draft offer put forward by the regulator in March — while Victorian prices will rise by 25 per cent.

So it turns out dismantling all your coal fired power stations means that poor people freeze during winter. Meanwhile public “servants” on $150,000 a year get to feel smug.

The AER’s decision will directly affect around 600,000 customers in South Australia, New South Wales and South-East Queensland who are on the default offer, which is a benchmark price designed to keep a lid on price rises for household and small business customers…

Residential customers will see price increases between 20.8 per cent and 23.9 per cent for those without controlled load, and between 19.6 per cent at 24.9 per cent for customers with controlled load.

Small business customers are facing increases of 14.7 per cent and 28.9 per cent.

Victoria’s Essential Services Commission (ESC) also released its default offer on Thursday, with a 25 per cent increase — equivalent to a $352 increase to residential customers, and $752 rise for small business customers.

The increase depends on the provider, with default prices rising for Victorian customers by up to 27 per cent in some instances.

This will exacerbate a cost of living crisis slamming the Australian working and middle class post-Covid. Inflation is rising sharply due to reckless spending during the lockdowns and sanctions imposed on Russia which have blown back on Clownworld.

Facing a recession, the government has opened the mass immigration floodgates, spiking inflation further. Moreover, in addition to making home ownership and even home rental unaffordable for many Australians, the building industry cannot meet demand.

With tent cities already springing up in Australian cities, a shortfall of 212,000 houses is predicted in coming years.

To make matters worse in Victoria, land tax and payroll tax were expanded in this week’s budget. “Taxing the wealthy” simply means that businesses and landlords will pass the costs onto customers and tenants.

The Australian middle and working class are being assaulted from all sides. The Australian way of life is being destroyed even as we are being replaced. This appears to fit the stated “Great Reset” goals of globalist institutions such as the UN and WEF in which property rights and individual freedoms are destroyed, and a reduced world population lives a highly regimented life under constant digital surveillance, living in much smaller accomodation and subsisting on a diet of bugs and synthetic “meat”.

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