Mainstream Australian news site hosts poll: What level of immigration should Australia have?


Get on it now.


Australian outlet has published at article which features a viewer poll asking readers “What level of immigration should Australia have?”

This is highly unusual, as we generally are never asked. Fraser Anning twice proposed asking the Australian people if we wanted more or less mass replacement immigration, and he’s been effectively banished from the country for his efforts.

Instead, the government and its Lying Press lackeys frequently insist that Australians universally “embrace” “diversity” and that we all want immigration because it is good for the economy. The globohomo Regime repeatedly scolds Australians that only those on the fringes of society what less immigration.

The results demonstrate otherwise, with over 90% of Australians (at time of publication) wanting less immigration, and 44% want basically no immigration whatsoever. This demonstrates that mass immigration is front and centre among the concerns of a large proportion of Australians.

Moreover, the Lying Press article repeats talking points which XYZ News has been making for years, going so far as to use the expression “immigration Ponzi” in the headline:

Outspoken tech executive Matt Barrie has blasted the Albanese government’s record high immigration intake as a “national disgrace” in a blistering speech to business leaders and bureaucrats.

The Freelancer chief executive, speaking at The SMH Sydney 2050 Summit on Monday, tackled the hot-button issue of migration and housing in a lengthy keynote address entitled “The Great Australian Scream”.

“The US uses quantitative easing to drive ‘easy, relentless’ growth — Australia uses quantitative peopling,” Mr Barrie said.

“This is not about ‘growth’ but inflating demand for housing. It’s not about the ‘economy’ but inflating GDP. But population growth does not increase GDP per capita.”

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil told the National Press Club in April that Australia “faces genuine and significant challenges providing safe affordable housing” but insisted “these problems are not caused by migrants”.

“I guess she thinks the Canberra-sized armada each year are all nicely in tents in someone’s backyard,” Mr Barrie said.

“What’s crazy about the ponzi is 69 per cent of immigrants are in rental stress, with outgoings greater than income, the second worst group after the elderly. That’s why they say migrants are net contributors to the economy — because they’re drawing down their savings to live.”

He described the immigration crutch as Australia’s “big, uncomfortable secret”.

“With the highest inflation in decades, sharply declining real wage growth, the worst rental crisis on record, overloaded infrastructure, construction blowouts, bureaucracy, mass insolvencies, extreme cost of living and the largest destruction in purchasing power in 50 years — the solution is, as always, more people, despite this being the root cause,” he said.

“It’s sending the Australian middle and working classes into poverty. It is politically untenable. Also frankly, I think, morally wrong and a national disgrace.”


But Mr Barrie said the assertion that immigration had no effect on housing was ridiculous.

“Of course it does — it’s simple supply and demand, it’s basic economics,” he told “If that’s the argument why not bring in 20 million people?”

Mr Barrie said as more Australians were pushed into hardship and even homelessness, the immigration rate was “going to become a politically untenable position for the Albanese government”.

“He’s obviously talked to the banks and there’s a real recession or economic crisis coming, that’s why he’s opened up every spigot or tap you can turn on, literally every aspect of our immigration program,” he said.

“A whole lot of people are being brought in, which is causing pain for the people already here. In Brisbane people are living in tents in a park in the city. People are lining up for food and handouts. There’s mums begging on Facebook in mums groups. It’s really hurting people now.”


Yes to all of this. We could have written this, in fact we have on multiple occasions. What’s intriguing then is that the issue has been given a frank airing in the Lying Press at all.

It’s because they have to:

“It is politically untenable.”

They’re running damage control, but it goes deeper than that. Consistent, grassroots activism is forcing the Regime to acknowledge mass immigration as an electoral issue.

It is no coincidence that this article and viewer poll has come out just days after 30 brave activists protested against immigration on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House, and 5000 Tasmanians protested against a 700 million dollar stadium being forced upon them by the AFL when all they want is housing and jobs.

Real life activism works.

We know the system’s playbook from here, too. Just like in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s when Pauline Hanson was jailed, and the Liberal Party cracked down on illegal immigration only ramp up “legal” immigration, the system is working at criminalising overt opposition to immigration while signalling that it hears our concerns.

Australians won’t be fooled this time around.

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