How to protest effectively


I and others have advocated for focusing our time and energy on building local communities and parallel societies in response to the Globalist Agenda being rolled out.

Mass protests are a waste of time, Democracy was what got us into this mess in the first place and violent revolution just plays into the hands of government agencies.

So is that it then? Should we just ignore all that’s going on and grow vegetables until they come and kill us?


Some activities are worthwhile. What is even better is that they don’t require too many people to be effective.

You see, we made the mistake in the freedom rallies of protesting in the same manner as our enemies. Never forget that the establishment underwrites and supports all such activism that seeks to destroy civilisation. What we learned from the lockdown protests, is that the media will simply ignore us when we engage in similar activities to try and preserve it.

Here’s a protest the media didn’t ignore. A few months ago a demonic transvestite was doing story time for kids. A dozen National Socialists turned up, unfurled a banner denouncing it, did a Roman salute and went away.

As Thomas Sewell pointed out, the National Socialists got the publicity because the National Socialists were the only ones there. Where were ACL or other Christian groups? Where were any other groups that claim to oppose the agenda?

But it wasn’t just the fact that it was National Socialists turning up that made what they did effective. Granted the shock and outrage value of Faaaaaaar Right NAZIS! will bait the media every time, but even without those optics, the protest was organised at the right place!

Today in Perth (Saturday 19/11) Westfield shopping centres are hosting transgender celebrations with Santa. Children on Santa’s knee posing with drag queens.

Where is the outrage, where are the protests?

If you want to be effective as an activist opposing the system, then you need to be where the action is. The tyranny of the lockdown and mask mandates weren’t happening in the streets of Melbourne or Perth. They were happening at Coles and Woolworths. They were happening at the hospitals.

Imagine just 20 people walking into the main reception at a Government hospital without masks on during the mask mandate carrying signs saying “masks cause infections they don’t prevent them” and “my body my choice”. Imagine 20 people going shopping together without a mask, all wearing t-shirts saying the same.

No shouting, no disruption, just enough people that you can’t be stopped without the police being called and staying long enough that the police can’t get the numbers there to arrest you all before you’ve made your point, bought your groceries or walked from one end of the hospital to the other and left.

Now if 100,000 people do such a thing, all the better, but we all know they won’t. People came to mass protests because there was safety in numbers. Because nearly everyone who came was still a sheep.

But sheep don’t change the world. Courageous men do. Men who will stand alone if need be. A dozen such men together are worth a million sheep at a protest rally. Nearly everyone at the protest rallies travelled to and from them with a mask on. Nearly all of them got the vax after bitching and moaning about how bad it was and how unfair it was. I walked through shopping centres alone without a mask on past tens of thousands of people over the course of the bullshit. I only met one, ONE other person in that time who did the same. I KNEW other people who did. I had friends. But none of them lived near me, so we were all doing this by ourselves.

So this is the other reason to build parallel societies. This is the other reason to find people who live near you to grow food together and go to church together and socialise together.

If a transgender Santa is at your local shopping centre, you need to be there. Make up a few signs, go there with a few mates, go and stand with your signs next to it peacefully and quietly. Or at most sing an hymn. Ignore the security personnel.

Don’t answer them if they talk to you or tell you to leave. When you see the first policeman, walk calmly out of the shopping centre and get in your cars and leave. Wait an hour, then come back and do it again.

If you find yourself with a hundred or more people following your example, you can wait for lots of police to arrive before you leave. If you find yourself with thousands, then you won’t have to leave at all.

If you have no one to do something like that with, then you will need to leave before the police arrive. Walk through with your sign, store security will confront you at some point, then walk out peacefully. Keep doing this sort of thing and you will eventually attract others who will join you. With a bit of luck someone might even come up to you whilst you are protesting and join you.

The important thing is you show up wherever the agenda itself is being promoted or enforced anywhere near where you live. When the mask mandates were on, I didn’t show up alone to the supermarket without a mask and wait around for security. I simply went and got my shopping as quickly as I could and got out again. Me doing this over the course of the entire mandates was better than me doing it once and hanging around until I was arrested. So circumstances are important. You must maximise your power and effectiveness. I was eventually arrested for not wearing a mask at one of those mass protests I now think are useless. There was nothing effective about that. But just imagine if instead of 50,000 people turning up to the centre of Perth half a dozen times over 12 month period, 2,500 groups of 20 had gone shopping together once a week. The arrest ratio police like to use for groups is generally 6:1 to avoid potential injury to themselves. Pretty hard to organise against a group that will be in and out of the shops within 30 minutes (if it’s men. I don’t recommend women do it as they will need to browse for three hours and have coffee afterwards!)

Another example of worthwhile activism. Let’s say a government sanctioned protest is going on. Black lives matter or extinction rebellion. Some idiots stopping traffic or whatever. This is an event where the media will be there. Turn up with your counter protest signs and make sure the cameras can’t film them without also getting you and your signs in the shot. Peacefully resist wherever you can. Peacefully defy always and everywhere.

There is no point turning up to a field or a town hall or a Parliament where you can all be in a massive group and vent your spleen where no one will care. You have to go where their protests are and stop the media filming them. You have to go where their degenerates are and disrupt them. You have to go where their tyranny is actually being imposed and defy them.

If you are alone or in a small group, you get away before you can be arrested for whatever bullshit offence might be levelled at you. If you are in a large enough group they won’t attempt to arrest you whilst you are in a large group. If they want to arrest you for peacefully pissing them off they will have to identity you via security footage and come to your house afterwards. Should thar occur, see my previous article.

The goal is not to get the government to change its policies. They won’t. The goal is to increase numbers in our parallel societies and for the normies to always see tyranny and degeneracy being opposed. We may be waiting for them to get violent first but we should not be standing aside as they continue to encroach upon our lives and places we must exist in.

So don’t stop protesting, but protest in the right places. Do it locally. Do it where it matters. Do it alone if you have to until you can attract enough people to form a community with, then do it as a group. Finally, though you should always be looking to be more effective, don’t make effectiveness the focus of why you take action in the first place. Take action because it’s the right thing to do, regardless of the outcome.

Because you can only learn from mistakes if you have the courage to risk making them in the first place.

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