And Therefore I Must Rage


The turning of the new age
Brings fortunes bleak and stale;
The crowned are bent, without hale,
Marching morons spin their tale
And therefore I must rage.

Fortuned merchant makes coin and
Sends to the sodden minds in skid;
Who’d make Elder Cato like a kid,
Purity and Virtue they both hid,
And therefore I must rage.

Must Barton, Deakin and Hughes
Suffer the awful begotten blight,
Without a progeny in sight,
Aiming skywards and up to fight,
I conclude in words of a sage,
“And therefore I must rage”.

A brother true did gain the taste,
Of occupation force present;
Be of the dunes or the crescent,
It doesn’t matter if first or second,
They’ll be moved from our stage
And therefore I must rage.

My shame has but little fuel
For burning bridges near,
I want to fight for what is dear,
Even when blood lifts not a’ear,
I wish they know of new age
And therefore I must rage.

Sodom peaks her head, again
competing with Father Below;
The sin we worship and sow
Shall consume all we know,
Paying Kali Yuga the wage
And therefore I must rage.

From Bethlehem slouching,
The born lamb hears a cry;
“Father forgive me ‘fore I die,
For Gomorrah opens each eye
To worship the Satanic and glorify
And I cannot abide in sinful cage
And therefore I must rage”.

The tide turns stronger farther out
Since daemon can’t make the storm;
These libels and slanders do inform
Us and the Devil of no peace uniform,
And with might we won’t conform
With them or hatred false and warm,
Acting within our souls like phage
And therefore I must rage.

The darkest depths matter not
To Men who’ve shed the share
Of Martyrdom and Duty Fair,
Struggling while normies care
Not for contest or bloody fare
But for drink, porn, gaming lair
In hope of pleasure and the air
Of comfort that cannot compare,
But that fades like widow’s hair,
Aryan virtue is not found there;
And so the poor man doth declare,
“Those 14 words that are sage
And therefore I must rage.”