Practical steps toward creating a parallel society


Ross Pietsch

A while back I wrote an article questioning if it is time to ‘turn our backs’ and create our own separate society within this insane, broken one, run by corrupt politicians that have largely come to power via rigged elections. A society that had its own schools, sporting events, moral code, and media.

Currently, there are many individuals and organisations peppering away at the insanity, corruption, double standards, woke virtue signalling, suppression of free speech etc. that plague us. And therein lies the first problem. Ever watched a fight scene in a Jason Statham movie? 20 guys surround him. First guy rushes in, gets thrown aside. Second guy attacks, gets knocked out. Third guy runs up from behind, gets flipped over crashing into the fourth guy who had just began his advance. Leaving the viewer to ask “Why don’t all 20 of you attack at the same time instead of peppering away one at a time?”

Well, in our fight against Globalist Socialism and government tyranny, this is exactly how we are confronting it. We are not unified, we are certainly not committed to the fight. We are not motivated, most limiting their discontent to posting comments online hoping perhaps that will coax someone else to do something rather than take action themselves.

Yet our enemies, the enemies of democracy, are the complete opposite. They are organised, they are highly motivated (by hate, but motivated), they are well funded (Soros and friends), they control the media. And while they are actually small in number, they are loud and dominate the news feeds.

Whether it suits us or not, what we are in the midst of, is a real war. And firing a few shots from behind our keyboards falls woefully short of what is required if we want to regain our country. It is going to take a massive effort, not to mention personal sacrifice.

But let’s hypothetically assume our people suddenly realised the true gravity of the situation and were prepared to do ‘whatever it takes’. How do we even go about it?

To answer this, I am going to jump to another subject close to my heart, AFL football, as an example. For 44 years I was a fanatical supporter of both the game and more so, my club. But in 2019 I walked out of the MCG knowing I would never go back. I will shortly write an article highlighting how the socialist agenda has embedded itself in every facet of our lives, including, and especially, sport. But for now, just consider my severe discontent.

AFL is not Australian Rules Football. It has been hijacked for promotion of political and social issues and changed so much that it barely resembles the once great game at all.
So is the answer writing letter after letter expressing that discontent? Boycotting games? Cancelling memberships? No. The league is too powerful, the game is gone and we can’t get it back.

The answer is starting our own league. An ARFL (Australian Rules Football League), playing the game at suburban grounds, the way it was played 40 years ago, before it was changed to become ‘inclusive’. Where fans can scream, yell, vent, cheer and dispute umpire decisions without fear of being ejected. I have no doubt that being a far better game, over a period of years it would grow, fans would swap codes, and AFL would become a secondary league. And that is how you get your game back.

So how do you get your country back? Exactly the same way.

If we create a society within a society then we also need to create a government for that society. The responsibility of that government is to organise, oversee and establish committees, and special groups that put in place a ‘plan of action’ to achieve our objectives and defend ourselves against the attacks we know will come. As Stephen Wells correctly pointed out in his rebuttal of my original article, “they will just send more police or soldiers”. Yes, they will. So what strategies do we have in place to address that? What action will we take to defend ourselves, our people and our society?

For example, knowing we will be cut off, establishing our own farms and food production would be essential. “It’ll never work…. they’ll just send bio-security officers to declare our crops a bio-hazard and wipe them out”. Yes, they will. We know that, so what are we going to do about it? What strategies do we have in place to deal with that?

Another of our government departments would deal in issues such as ‘education and exposure of the lies’. Remember when school kids cut school to protest ‘climate change’? We should have been at that protest, walking peacefully behind with placards stating the facts about climate change. “You are being lied to. Our atmosphere is only 0.04% CO2. Australia contributes only 3% of that 0.04% = 0.0000156% of global emissions. China has 2363 coal fired plants and are building 1171 more. Your government wants to close the 6 we have left and make your power unaffordable. 5 child slaves die in cobalt mines for every electric car produced”….and so on.

We should have been at that protest, and many others. But we are not organised, nor motivated and their lies and continued indoctrination of our children went unchallenged.

Given we cannot get media coverage, and get banned from YouTube, Twitter and such, we need to be creative. Every fortnight I make a 450 km journey. And I stop at every public toilet along the way and put up small posters I’ve made that inform people of facts such as those mentioned above relating to climate change. But I’m like the one guy waiting his turn to attack Jason Statham. Can you imagine when we have a department organising this activity and these posters are appearing everywhere, and people start questioning what they are being told?

A crucial aspect of forming a separate society would be utilising every talent its citizens have to offer. From musicians, chefs, teachers, farmers, strategists, lawyers, everyone has a skill and knowledge we can utilise. For example, if we had tech geniuses amongst us, we may be able to write programs with the ability to cause major disruptions that could be used as a deterrent, should things deteriorate to such a level. Such ideas would be under the administration of our Defence Department.

Given the majority of Australians are not happy with where this country is at, or where it is going, it is reasonable to assume the possibility that eventually more people would choose to be a part of our society and live under our government than the traditional ‘corrupted’ one. At that point, congratulations, you have taken your country back without removing the sitting government. You have simply made them an irrelevant, powerless minority.

I am not for a moment suggesting my ideas here are something easy. Far from it. In fact, they require a huge operation, are fanciful and probably will never happen, because too many people would rather live in discontent than have to get off their arse and make personal sacrifice….at least until it is too late. Nor am I suggesting our own government should not operate within the current framework of the law.

Furthermore, in this article I can only offer a very limited ‘snapshot’ of a bigger picture, of what would be required and how it may work, and hope it is enough for people to use their own imaginations to picture the possibilities and fill in the huge gaps that I cannot fill here.

But have no illusions. If Australian people wanted it enough, and were prepared to get out of their comfort zones and make the necessary sacrifices, it could ABSOLUTELY be achieved.

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