Why you should run for Local Council


Originally published June 6, 2023.

Local councils are the most illegitimate forms of government we have in Australia at the moment. State and Federal governments today may operate outside of the constitution they were founded under, but local councils don’t even have the right to exist under our constitution. 

Despite this, it is through local councils that we have the best chance to peacefully resist the increasing tyranny we face. It is the one place where people vote voluntarily and where they vote for a person and not a political party. The number of votes required to get elected is massively less than State and Federal elections and you have the ability to meet each and everyone of the people needed to vote for you (so you can succeed) personally. Nor will you be fighting MSM and Corporations. 

If you get a handful of friends to stand for election with you, then you have the chance to get the balance of power in your local council. 

Once in local government hardly anyone will pay attention to what you are doing. If you are a communist, this means you can implement Globalist policies into your community with absolute impunity. If you are a person of integrity, it means you can stop such plans simply by saying “NO!” on a regular basis. 

You will also be able to encourage people in your community to organise outside the system. Encourage voluntary community groups and be able to advise them on all of the ways around State and Federal legislation that might hinder them, because you will become familiar with it due to your role. 

If you can imagine half a dozen people controlling a council, then you can imagine 100 councils being controlled. With less than 1,000 people willing to do more than simply bitch and moan on social media, in roads can be made. 

From there we can look at what we need to do next to take back control of this country. 

You don’t need to have any particular talent to get elected as a councillor and you certainly don’t need any talent to be one. You don’t need to be a good public speaker, you don’t need to be that great with people. Simply have the guts to stand and the ability to shut your mouth whilst people tell you all the things that piss them off in the world. 

Which brings us to the next point. Just because the primary goal of getting elected is to be more effective in resisting globohomo, you don’t need to run your campaign on that issue. The residents will have plenty of local issues that are legitimately agregious already. If you agree with their gripes, let them know you agree with their gripes! 

You will need to make a minimum of 1 day a week available if elected. For this you will be compensated by approximately $600 a week. You can devote more time to the role if you wish. But if you are self employed or work part time or survive on a low income anyway, then being a councillor should help your financial circumstances rather than hinder them. You will have time to do other things. 

A local councillor told me they spent about $2,000 on flyers and posters to get themselves elected. The cost of registering as a candidate was just $80. If you run with a few friends you can split these costs between you. You can also talk to local business owners and see if they are willing to donate to your advertising costs. The worst that can happen is that you won’t get in, but you are guaranteed that outcome anyway, if you don’t even try! 

For Nationalists, you obviously won’t be able to do anything about immigration as a local councillor. You will however meet lots of people and many of those will complain about immigration. You can put those people in touch with each other, encourage them to get together on a regular basis. Who knows what will grow out of it? 

The point to all of this is that all of us need to stop waiting for other people to make a difference. The simple act of getting off your arse and giving this a go, will set something in motion. It doesn’t matter what. Maybe your actions will fail, but maybe you will inspire someone else to get off their arse who won’t fail.

Maybe running for Council is not the best strategy, but maybe by doing it anyway, a better idea or opportunity will present itself to you that wouldn’t have manifested itself, if you had remained on your couch just trolling on social media. 

Get in the game. All of you! Encourage others to get in the game. Run for council, turn up to strategic protests, organise a local community group. Don’t worry about the outcome. Concern yourself only with the activity. Self respect is gained through self discipline and self discipline is gained by doing things because they need to be done, not because you want to do them. 

WA council elections are coming up in October. Other States are mainly happening in 2024. Make a commitment now and start working towards it, without delay. A few hours a week is all you will need at first. 

I look forward to hearing about all of you stepping up to the plate soon.

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