The Local Political Solution


Reflecting on past statements, I’ve many times said that there is no political solution. That we can’t vote our way out of our current enslavement. That elections are rigged and that I’m done with voting. 

I wish to repent of some of that rhetoric to you. 

Yes all of the above is true, other than the last bit. I’m not done with voting after all. Though it feels pointless and though we cannot ultimately wrest power from the system, I am still going to keep fighting within the current political system. The reason is not because it is the ultimate solution, but simply because it is a stepping stone to an, as yet, unknown solution. 

We have limited options for change and each option only brings about small and seemingly insignificant gains. We must use every option at our disposal. Not voting doesn’t change anything. Not voting doesn’t result in delegitimising the regime. The regime doesn’t care if 10% of the population votes and 90% doesn’t. At least even if it worries about it, it won’t stop them taking power anyway. They control the media. If they are prepared to rig an election, then they are also prepared to accept the result of an election where only 10% of people voted, or lie to you and tell you that it was really 90% who voted. 

So what is the point? Why do it? Why make the effort to register for a new political party, stand as a candidate or campaign for something or even to just turn up and vote? 

Because it leads to other things. 

The result of standing for election as a local councillor for me, was a bunch of people contacting me and wanting to meet up and tribe and train on a regular basis. I gained a local community of friends who all hold the same values and goals. There were also dozens more people who are with me on many issues but not fully red pilled yet. There is a groundswell of activism in my area and who knows where it will lead? 

It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about making a stand because of what is right and wrong, what is good and evil. It’s about resisting evil in every way possible at every opportunity. That includes voting in a rigged system. 

It’s easy to get demoralised and I certainly have let myself fall victim to that mentality in the past when I have said that I wouldn’t vote again. I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me. With God’s help I will be stronger in the future. 

I encourage you all to get active. Register with a political party. Stand as a candidate at your local council, State and Federal Parliaments. Go to protests, meet up with like-minded people to tribe and train, grow your own food and get some chickens if you can. Network with various groups. Volunteer as a bush firefighter or at a local charity. Offer to help elderly neighbours with gardening. Start a podcast. Write an article.

Get out there and do good. Get out there and resist evil. It doesn’t matter whether or not you achieve much. It’s about doing things because you have the agency and free will to do them. Put your trust in God for the rest. You have no idea what doors will open for you by making the decision to walk through the one you are currently standing in front of. Nor do you know what knock on effects your small actions will have on the world around you. Whom you might inspire. The next great leader of the resistance might emerge simply because they observed your small act of personal courage. 

Christ, Family and Nation with honour.

God bless you all.

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