Drag Queen Story Hour SHUT DOWN at Bayswater Library


I arrived at Maylands Library in Bayswater, Perth, on Saturday 17th June after a three hour drive from my home to discover that commitment to oppose government sponsored drag queen story hour had severely dwindled since the previous protest. With just 50 people beside me, we faced down a counter protest of degenerate bum sex and rug munching fanatics that outnumbered us by at least 4 to 1.

The previous protest held in the middle of the work week had seen double our numbers and only a handful of trannies, but degenerates obviously have many more fanatics defending their perversions than we have fanatics opposed to them.

In a city of close to 2 million people all but 250-300 of them were carrying on with their lives apathetic to the political struggle that will tear apart their cosy lives over the next few years. It is a struggle that will be decided by which of the tiny groups is the most fanatical.

Society is not determined by the many, it is determined by the few. Fanaticism by a handful, will win against the tepid opposition of millions every single time. This is why Western countries have been falling further and further into the abyss as time has progressed. This is why tolerance is preached to the masses by the intolerant few. This is why live and let live is such a toxic ideal. There will always be a small minority who want to make you live the way they live and they will always succeed against the libertarian and apathetic majority. Either you impose your ideals on those around you, or someone will impose their ideals on you.


The degenerates outnumbered the righteous 4 to 1. The apathetic outnumbered the degenerates 10,000 to 1. The degenerates are claiming they won the battle against the righteous on Saturday. I say, time will tell who wins the war. Who will become the most fanatical? That is the only question that needs answering.

The drag show at the library was cancelled. The library caved to the pressure and fear of confrontation. The child grooming still went ahead. Those who bought tickets to sacrifice their child still saw the local demon read perverted stories to their kids. It just didn’t happen at the government library. It was moved elsewhere. So even though almost the entire child grooming scene turned up to oppose us, that in itself only served to get the event cancelled as we wanted.

We have learned from the radical left. Most people do not appreciate having to face confrontation at their place of work. Most people don’t care whether it’s something they agree with or disagree with. They just want to do their job and go home. This is why protests only work at the places where ordinary people are involved in the thing you oppose. The check out girl at Coles and Woolworths did not want the responsibility of having to enforce mask mandates. That’s why they were so angry at people who refused to wear them. It was fight or flight for them. After each encounter they suffered stress and trauma and were terrified of the next encounter. The Library staff would be no different at the thought of having two groups shouting at each other outside their workplace about a policy they are tasked with carrying out. The hysterical screaming of the trannies serving only to make them even less inclined to show up to work next time.

Of the 50 of us who showed up to oppose child grooming, only half a dozen bothered to shout back at the kiddie fiddler mob. It really wasn’t worth it. Most of us simply stood our ground as the mob tried and failed to pluck up the courage to attack us. Over the course of an hour they closed the 10 meter gap between the lines to about 5 meters until two policemen walked up to the lead tranny and told them all it was time to go home now. They then all slunk away and left us standing where we were. Half an hour later the police asked us if we were also going to move on and we let them know that we were just trying to work out where the best pub was near by to go get a feed at. About half of us then went for a good social and radicalised ourselves a bit more.

We all ended up on the local channel 9 news and that was another victory for us. The cabal has tried to implement drag Queen Story Hour in secret. It has failed. Now they are trying to simply play it down. It wont work. In the USA school children are tearing up pride flags, sports fans are protesting their favourite teams. Boycotts of companies are happening and Presidential Candidates are deciding they can win elections if they publicly side against the alphabet people.

It all starts with a few fanatics. Globohomo can win as many battles as it likes, the war will be decided by whichever of us becomes the most fanatical.

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