The most important Matty Rose interview you will ever watch: Covid is REAL


When the coronavirus first became a thing I was a coronavirus catastrophist. I said that hundreds of millions of people would die from the coronavirus. I had watched quite a few Stefan Molyneux interviews with scientists who pointed out that the coronavirus looked like it had been engineered in a lab and was a biowarfare agent.

The suggestion was made that a bioweapon could be designed to infect a lot of people but not kill them straight away, that way it can kill more people down the track. I was wary of such a scenario – it makes a good cope, a convenient way for a prophet of doom to push back his next predicted date for the apocalypse.

When people didn’t start dying off in the tens of millions per month:

When I saw the survival rate:

When I saw the graph:

I became a skeptic. The same governments that are destroying the family, preying on children and replacing us in our own countries are trying to hold us prisoner in our own homes under the pretext of a virus with a 99% survival rate.

Something doesn’t add up. A logical conclusion is that the Liberal Tyranny is simply starting to flex its muscles. With a debt supernova on its way, disrupting the world economy due to a so-called pandemic makes the perfect alibi.

I don’t like being wrong, but I manned up and said on several streams with Matty Rose and Mark Moncrieff that the chaos caused by a mass die-off could be a handy accelerant for the nationalist cause, thus I was inclined to believe the scaremongering. I consigned myself to the hard slog of decades of community building.

I have written this preamble to expose my own confirmation bias with regards to the information provided by Dr. Kevin W. McCairn, Ph.D in this interview with Matty Rose. I want to believe what he is telling us. This disclaimer out of the way, (I will keep use of technical terms to a minimum here, if you want a full explanation, watch the video,) let’s proceed.

Dr. McCairn makes the following statements about the coronavirus:

  • It is real.
  • It was engineered in a lab.
  • Multiple countries have been researching this technology, including China, America and Israel.
  • It contains a mutant protein called prions.
  • These prions could cause degenerative neurological diseases several years down the track such as Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease, zombies, etc.
  • This could lead to the mass death of people who had recovered from the coronavirus several years down the track.
  • This could give the creators of such a biological warfare agent plausible deniability.
  • The vaccines may not necessarily be designed to cause depopulation, but instead are a duel use technology (it has both civilian and military uses) and the Regime intends to use the global population as a mass testing ground.
  • Either way, don’t take the vaccine, but don’t underestimate the coronavirus either, understand that it is a biological warfare agent.

So, remember that scene in Alien where the guy has woken up from a coma after that weird alien creature that was attached to his face seemingly died?

That’s the earth, 2022.

The implications of this are huge, and it indicates why there has been such an unseemly panic over the number of cases as opposed to the death ratio:

At of the time of writing the number of global cases is nearly 184 million, (if we believe the PCR tests which themselves are highly suspect.)

If Dr. McCairn is right, it is time to start taking the coronavirus seriously.

However, and crucially, it does not mean we are wrong about everything. The Great Reset still makes sense. The possibility that this was planned still makes sense. The Globohomo Regime using the coronavirus as a pretext to extend its tyranny still makes sense, it simply means that we can reframe some of their motives.

Mark Moncrieff made the point very early on during the pandemic that the coronavirus death rates did not warrant destroying our economy, so either the government was stupid, evil, or there was something they weren’t telling us. It could well be the latter. Informing the population that a superbug which the government has been developing has suddenly gotten out of the lab and will cause us all a painful death several years down the road is about as fast a way to delegitimise a government as I can think of.

This is important. It doesn’t mean the government is genuinely trying to help us by enacting drastic public health measures, mandating useless masks, locking us down, contact tracing, making us check in or pushing vaccines on us. It doesn’t mean the police really are our friends. They’re still lying to us, and it is even worse than what we thought.

It is easier to gaslight the public about the current death ratio with the full compliance, knowingly or not, of the Lying Press, crack dow mercilessly on dissidents, and hope that you can establish an all pervasive system of control by the time people really do start dying by the tens of millions every week.

As stated, one of the reasons I welcomed the potential of an apocalyptic superbug is because I understood that well organised nationalists could turn the chaos this would cause into an opportunity. The Australian Regime understands this, hence their attempts to assassinate Thomas Sewell and Neil Erikson.

The chaos would be geopolitical, too. America is already crumbling from within and about to enter a period of Civil War, disintegration and genocide. Add the black death, and China will take Taiwan. It can absorb a nuclear war. Kill a billion Chinese, it still has hundreds of millions left.

This could explain why Australian and New Zealand authorities have been so keen to keep the Southern Hemisphere so covid free. The billionaires need a place to run to. It would explain all the bunkers in NZ.

Then again, this could all be complete rubbish. In which case the Globohomo Regime is simply using the coronavirus as a pretext to extend its tyranny, and to push a bioweapon not-vaccine on as many of us as possible.

One last thing I forgot to mention. Dr. McCairn said that there is a certain ethnic group which is the least predisposed to the negative effects of this potential bioweapon.