Yes: Victor Dominello has Bell’s Palsy and had been vaccinated


NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello did a press conference this morning where he had a droopy eye. If you look closely you can see that the whole left side of his face was slack.

Viewers noted this, so he went to a doctor and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. He made a statement on Instagram regarding the matter:

At this morning’s press conference – a number of people commented on my droopy eye.

Some people thought – I was winking at the cameraman.

Some thought I had a stroke.

I have actually been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.

About 48 hours ago – I felt a pain in my skull behind my right ear. This morning I woke up with pins and needles on the right side of my tongue. But I did not notice any droopiness around my eye.

I only took it more seriously this afternoon – after a number of people sent me a screenshot of the press conference and others contacted my office prompting me to seek urgent medical advice.

Thanks to everyone who reached out ♥️.

The reason I am posting is because hopefully it will remind people to look after their health.

We are focussed on Covid but there are plenty of other health problems going on.

If you have any health concerns – please get them looked after.

Ps – thanks to staff at Royal North Shore – we are blessed to live in a country with this health system 🙏🏼

This story is notable because like most Western elected officials, Dominello pushes The Regime Narrative very hard on the coronavirus and the vaccine. His instagram is full of shots of him holding his phone out and waffling about the coronavirus. Here is a random sample:

August 18, 2021.

Vaccination is our main way out the pandemic

It’s encouraging seeing a sign of increased vaccination rates across NSW

If you want to see how your suburb or postcode is tracking – visit

This data gets updated daily at 1pm and shows how we are progressing as a community when it comes to vaccinations.

August 13, 2021.

This change to default log out – was promised tomorrow. But it’s ready now when you update your Service NSW app 🙏🏼

August 12, 2021.

A few days ago I promised to report back on a check-in solution for people who have old/no mobile phones.

Here it is. A Service NSW check-in card.

It’s similar in design to the dine and discover vouchers. You can download and print this card or we can post it to you.

The card can then be presented to shops. They can scan the card and provide the contact details directly to NSW Health for contact tracing.

We will do some micro trials over the next few days and make it available to the public – together with other app enhancements to checkout history and default logout – by the end of this week.

COTA NSW support the initiative. I also thank the major supermarket chains for their collaboration.

This is an important inclusion piece.

It also provides more confidence and therefore more options for seniors – as we digitise the seniors card later this year 🙏🏼

Ps – whilst the check-in card is good – it also illuminates a personal blind spot. In my desire to hasten the digital journey – I did not properly reflect on the inclusion piece. I apologise for this. Together with privacy, security, transparency and ethics – #inclusion – will also be part of the design thinking moving forward 🙏🏼

Total cuck. Then on May 27 his Instagram gets very interesting.

Literally just got my first AstraZeneca jab at the Homebush Vaccination Centre.

We recommend that everyone go through their GP.

But if you can’t, you can go to the NSW Health website for a place convenient to you.

I chose to go through public health because I wanted to test the customer experience.

I can honestly say it was first-class.

I walked in the door at 10am, I got the jab at 10.03am.

I’m now writing this post while under the 15 minute observation.

There was QR code upon entry. Within a minute of checking in, I got a text message directing me to the relevant station.

It was honestly seamless. I cannot fault it.

I had to queue outside for around 25 minutes. As you would expect, with what’s happening in Victoria.

But this is a very small price to pay to keep our state safe and open.

Congratulations to NSW Health.

Shout out to Service NSW for prompting people via email that they’re eligible to receive their vaccination.

Great collaboration.

Leaving aside the schadenfreude, Bell’s Palsy is one of the common side effects of the coronavirus not-vaccine. Thus it is possible that Dominello has had an adverse reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine. Dominello is one of many public figures to exhibit on camera what is potentially an adverse reaction to the covid vaccine. At the Euro2020 Championship, Danish player Christian Eriksen’s heart stopped while on the pitch.

A few days ago a schoolboy collapsed after receiving a coronavirus vaccine at the Olympic Stadium in Sydney.

James Fox Higgins mentioned yesterday he knows someone who got Bell’s Palsy after having the jab. He has backed this up today with raw data which demonstrates that you are nearly three times more likely to have an adverse reaction to a covid vaccine than you are of catching covid. Furthermore, according to official figures there is a slightly higher chance of dying from the covid vaccine than of dying from covid

However, rather than engage in an open discussion about the danger of Covid vaccines compared to the danger from Covid itself, The Regime and the Lying Press continue to push the narrative that the vaccines are safe. Particularly regarding this latest incident the Lying Press has not mentioned the possibility that his Bell’s Palsy diagnosis could be an adverse reaction to the vaccine, and it has even stressed that this reinforces why everyone must get vaccinated.

This makes no sense, and instead reinforces the impression that our rulers have something to hide.