Vaccine Passports now a thing: Queensland mandates one jab for entry, Truckies in REVOLT


Queensland’s Chief Health Frump has mandated that so-called “essential workers” have until Friday 20 August to provide proof of at least one dose of a Covid vaccine in order to enter the state.

This is quite literally a Vaccine Passport:

  • You need to have had a Covid Vaccine.
  • You need to provide proof of having had the Covid Vaccine.
  • This proof of vaccination is required for entry into Australia’s second largest state.

Mandatory Vaccine + Proof of Vaccine + Proof Required for Entry = Vaccine Passport.

Every single person who got called a conspiracy theorist by a family member, friend or acquaintance for saying this was going to happen now has the legal right to go to that person and say repeatedly, “I told you so.” Do it until they call the police on you. I am not usually the shove-your-opinion-down-someone-else’s-throat kinda guy, but they need to hear it.

If Australia’s Federation was lying bleeding on the floor after a year of State Premiers sporadically closing their states for a year and a half in order to protect us from a virus which has a 99.9% survival rate, Australia’s Federation is now for all intents and purposes dead.

It should be noted that Australia federated at the start of the 20th Century because it was recognised that we needed a common defence against foreign foe in case the British Navy, ten thousand miles away, could not assist us at our hour of need.

We are today far more vulnerable than in 1901.

America, to whom we switched allegiances during World War 2, is on the brink of collapse and civil war. It has this week scampered in humiliating retreat from another third world shithole. It is in no position to come to our aid.

China is in its strongest position since its humiliation and dissection during the 19th Century, and it has a long memory.

The other reason for Australian Federation was the intention to preserve Australia as a homeland for the White subjects of the British Empire, and a great deal of care was taken to remove the small number of non-Anglo-Saxon-Celt residents of Australia, particularly the Chinese. There are now between 1 and 2 million Chinese here.

As Adam Piggott has put it, Australia is effectively alone, divided, we are cut off from one another and thoroughly subverted.

Refreshingly, Aussie truckies are not taking this lying down, and they have said so in typical Aussie truckie fashion.

“Park her up.”

Watch out when truckies get angry. These guys drive for long stretches and are in serious danger of blood clots as it is, plus they get tested every day. They are not taking the vaccine, they are calling Queensland’s Chief Health Officer a bitch and they are threatening to blockade the state with trucks if authorities try to enforce Vaccine Passports for so-called essential workers. If any group of Australians still has a collectivist mindset it is truckies, and they could just pull it off.

As one truckie quite aptly puts it, everyone is an essential worker except for those in government, who are literally a waste of oxygen.