Daniel Andrews takes credit for slashing overseas arrivals: Burns cross on Parliament roof


Today Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a roadmap to get Australia back to covid normal, which involves the mass vaccination of the entire Australian population and the establishment of a national surveillance system. Preliminary Reports suggest the new vaccine passport system has been branded SkyNetAus.

A key to ensuring the coronavirus situation is stabilised in Australia has been to temporarily slash new arrivals from overseas by 50 per cent to 3085 per week. Daniel Andrews was pivotal to this decision, having lobbied hard to take pressure off the nation’s struggling hotel quarantine system until the construction of coronavirus death camps can be completed.

Speaking to the media after the announcement, Mr Andrews stated:

“This is a great day for our nation. We all know every temporary government program really means permanent government program. Thus I have played my part in buying real Australians time, time to regroup against a systematic attempt by all levels of government to replace us in our own land.

“If you’re wondering why my tone differs slightly from things I have said in the past, it’s because I have used my time off to watch all of Thomas Sewell’s videos.

All of them.”

Artist’s depiction by Ryan Fletcher.

The Premier continued:

“I would also highly recommend The Greatest Story Never Told, Europa: The Last Battle and Hellstorm. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

The Premier went on to list a raft of reform measures he intends to introduce in coming weeks, including plans to legislate bans on abortion, usury and jews. Victoria Police later put out a media statement saying that israeli spy Count Dvir Abramovich has been deported “to face justice at the hands of his own people”, whatever that means.

Daniel Andrews later stunned onlookers by saluting a burning cross on the roof of Victoria’s Parliament House and bellowing “Heil Hitler!”

It’s your XYZ.