Your life doesn’t belong to you: It belongs to the race


Editor: The following speech was given by Thomas Sewell earlier this year and uploaded to Telegram. The speech has been adapted into video:

Your life doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the race. You owe your ancestors everything, and you owe your descendants everything. You are just a link in a chain, a tiny one at that. You don’t even own one percent of your life.

The sense of entitlement – that all the men who came before you, all the fathers, and your fathers’ fathers, all the way back to the first men, that all their struggles, that everything they fought for, everything they strived against so that life could carry on, life eternal, so that you could be here right now – and you abdicate your duty in this life to continue it on to the next.

You coward, you weakling. You don’t own this life, it’s not yours to waste. It’s not yours to throw away for material happiness. It’s not yours to throw away on all the nice things that make you feel good.

You can have fear but you have to overcome that fear. You’re afraid because you’re a child and you need to man up. You need to man up and realise that this life is not yours to throw away. It belongs to the race, and the race is demanding something of you.

We have our trial, we have our debt. We have drawn a short straw, but not that short. The trials of men that came before us were just as great. Maybe they didn’t have the pleasures of the golden cage that we have, but they had trials, they had struggles they had to overcome just as we must.

Our race is being replaced, and there are those that choose instead of acting against this, instead of fighting against this replacement, instead of doing everything they can to raise the power of our race, to raise our tribe, instead they want to run away from the fight and enjoy their little existence, and to pass on that cowardice further, to kick the bucket further down the road. “It’s somebody else’s issue” these people say, “it’s not going to happen in our lifetime.”

We’ve heard boomers say this to us, and that’s why we have to deal with this. We’ve heard boomers say “oh well, it’s not going to happen in my lifetime, so why does it even matter?” And they pass on that debt to us that we have to pay.

Nothing in life is free, you have to pay eventually. Someone has to pay, someone has to sacrifice. It is cowardly and it is easy to just pass on that debt to somebody else, to say “well, I’m going to rack up all these expenses, I’m going to do what I want with my life, I’m my own man and no-one can tell me what to do with my life, not even God, and I’ll do what I want, I’ll do what makes me happy.”

And you’re a coward if you think that way, if you think that the only solution is to have lots of White kids, so what, you can pass on that debt? Pass on that intergenerational debt so that your sons, yours sons can’t have a normal life? Your son can’t have the toys that you get to enjoy, the personal time and the free time? You deserve that but not them? They have to struggle and fight, and you just have to make more children?

You coward.

And I’m not saying don’t have kids, I’m saying do both. Do your duty, for the future and for now, both materially and spiritually.

This fight is about the energy, it’s about morale. It’s about the triumph of the will, a will to power. You have to believe it, you have to understand what’s being asked of us. We have to have that strength, and that strength will get passed on to our sons. And our sons will be in a stronger position.

We have the strength to build ourselves up now, build these organisations, build these networks, build these communities so our sons can be part of a bigger organism, a bigger machine. A machine that’s coming, a machine that’s time has come. and it’s going to destroy the rot, and the puss, and the parasite.

We have to sharpen that sword.

That’s our duty.

You can find Thomas Sewell at Telegram.