Macron Slap: Punishment is swift when it suits the Regime


A few days ago France’s granny chasing President Emmanuel Macron got slapped.

Here is is from another angle.


Remarkably, the man has already been tried and sentenced.

From RT:

A French court has sentenced Damien Tarel, the man who slapped the country’s President Emmanuel Macron, for 18 months, with 14 of them suspended. The man also faced other penalties.

The 28-year-old suspect appeared before court on Thursday. The hearings are heavily fast-tracked, coming only two days after the slapping incident. Tarel stands accused of an assault on a public official, with the offence carrying a maximum of three years in jail and a hefty fine of up to €45,000.

The prosecutors, however, have asked the court to slap Tarel with a real 18-month jail term rather than impose a fine on him, as well as to hit him with other penalties.

“I am not asking for a fine, but I am asking you to consider imposing on him a permanent ban on holding public office,” a prosecutor told the court as quoted by BFM TV.

The court was also asked to ban the man from voting for five years, as well as to bar him from owning firearms during the same period.

Earlier in the day, the defendant explained his actions were politically motivated, telling the court that Macron, in his opinion, embodied the “decay” of France, and that the sneaky attack was the only way to get to the president.

“I think that Macron represents very neatly the decay of our country,” he told the court. “If I had challenged Macron to a duel at sunrise, I doubt he would have responded.”

The slapping incident occurred on Tuesday, when Macron was visiting the department of Drome in southeastern France. The president approached a crowd of onlookers in the village of Tain-l’Hermitage, apparently seeking to shake hands with the people – as he came straight up to the suspect.

Tarel was holding Macron by one hand as he slapped him with another one, footage of the incident that immediately went viral shows. The suspect also shouted the royalist slogan “Montjoie Saint Denis” and “Down with Macron-ism” as he slapped the president.

Every normal person in the world knows Macron deserved that slap. When he isn’t trying to get down the pants of someone’s grandmother, he engages in reprobate orgies with Africans his government has imported en masse in order to replace native French people.

The slap comes in the wake of two letters sent to the French government from former French Army personnel demanding that if it didn’t take action to protect the French people from the disastrous effects of mass immigration, they would. This indicates that civil unrest in France, amid increasing opposition to lockdowns, is likely to escalate.

It is important to highlight how swiftly a French court convicted Tarel. Andrew Anglin from the Daily Stormer has noted:

“I’ve never heard of someone getting convicted within 2 days of committing a crime, no matter what evidence there is against him.”

There is no way Tarel received a fair trial. Contrast this to the deliberately slow process to which Australian nationalists such as Thomas Sewell, Neil Erikson and Blair Cottrell, and anti-lockdown leaders Nick Patterson and Pastor Paul Furlong have been subjected:

  • In all cases the charges have been spurious and the evidence scant.
  • For Erikson and Cottrell the process was dragged out as long as possible in order to drain their funds and energy.
  • For Sewell, Patterson and Furlong they have been effectively imprisoned without trial, ie they have been arrested on the flimsiest of evidence, assaulted by the police in the process, denied bail and given hearings well into the future.
  • In Queensland Simon Hickey has been put through a similar process.
  • Tyler Jakovac has been labelled a “terrorist” and imprisoned with actual islamic terrorists for sharing a meme.
  • Ryan Fletcher has also been harassed and charged by Victoria’s political police for sharing memes.

In short, if you’re not doing anything wrong but you pose a genuine threat to the system, you will be arrested for no reason, denied bail and made to wait a long time for your trial. If you actively use light force against the system, the justice system will quite conveniently become very efficient.

The definition of democracy is “a country run by jews” in which the people have no way of influencing the government. The government in turn defines its own legitimacy based on the notion that democracy actually represents the people, thus anybody who opposes government policy is by definition anti-democratic.

And locked up.

The whole  point of the judicial system is that it is supposed to protect us from this kind of tyranny. Instead it is working in lockstep with anti-White governments across the West. Thus Western judicial systems are losing legitimacy as precipitously as Western governments.

I’ll give Anglin the last word on where this is all likely to end up:

“At some point, we are going to ask if a system this oppressive, where the masses of people have no input at all on the way the government functions, is sustainable long-term. At some point, the masses will become fed up with the lack of freedom and brutal oppression of democracy, and instead of one angry slapper, you will have millions of angry slappers, demanding that they have some say in the way the country is run.”

It’s your XYZ.