NSN pulls off the GREATEST TROLL in the history of the internet


White people are being replaced. This is an incontrovertible fact, and the Lying Press acknowledges this fact as a good thing.

However, the Lying Press calls it a “conspiracy theory” whenever somebody says it is a bad thing, and they will label you a terrorist for doing so.

This contradiction can be exposed by a single Google search:

The primary method by which this Great Replacement is carried out is through mass immigration:

The great Australian immigration betrayal

The great Australian replacement

Mass miscegenation is largely unsuccessfully forced upon an unwilling White population.

You can’t even draw white couples any more

jews have been the key influence upon Western governments to force genocidal mass immigration policies upon native White populations.

The War on White Australia: A Case Study in the Culture of Critique, Part 1 of 5

jews have openly admitted to forcing the policy of so-called “multiculturalism” upon native White populations.

While this policy of White Replacement is being orchestrated by the anti-White Regimes which rule the West and their Lying Press lackeys, they follow two key rules:

  1. Don’t let White people talk about the fact that they are being replaced.
  2. Any discussion of the Jewish role in White Replacement is strictly forbidden.

Several years ago when the internet was still largely free, White Nationalists and National Socialists had millions of followers on social media and YouTube, and tens of millions of views, to the point that we had become a bigger force than the Lying Press. This force upended election results in America, Europe and Australia as White men awoke from a long slumber.

The anti-White Regimes have fought a rearguard action over the last four years, censoring the internet, deplatforming and unpersoning key nationalist figures, rigging elections and outlawing nationalist and dissident organisations. This is too little too late, as repressive measures will merely make White men angrier and the ultimate reckoning more terrible.

Crucially, despite the box the Regime believes it has us in, it will never stop us from reaching the Aryan masses, waking them up and activating them to make a constructive contribution for our people. This is because we understand how jews and the Lying Press tick, therefore we can easily bait them into amplifying our message.

That is how an April Fools joke

…has escalated into the greatest troll in the history of the internet. Not one…

…but two israeli newspapers…

….have thrust some boys from Melbourne to the centre of the eternal struggle against jewish power. The anti-White Regime and the Lying Press have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the message that deliberate miscegenation constitutes the genocide of a people from reaching the masses. Now two international newspapers have just amplified this message across the globe.

How did this happen? Well, it turns out that the man sent from israel and paid by israel to harass and stalk ordinary Australians who refuse to accept our replacement, doesn’t like being called a vampire.

So we kept calling him a vampire.

BREAKING: Dvir Abramovich EXPOSED as Foreign Spy, EXPELLED home to TRANSYLVANIA


Proof that Dvir Abramovich is a compulsive masterbator

He literally called the police because people on the internet called him a vampire.

That didn’t work, so he called one of his reluctantly jewish puppets in the Lying Press to write an article about Thomas Sewell.

Hilariously, she asked Sewell if he thought that deliberate miscegenation constituted genocide:

Sewell advised his over 10,000 Telegram followers to expect a hit piece broaching this very subject.

The Hungarian jewess Remy Varga was smart enough not to take the bait, but she still basically flat out lied about her interaction with Sewell.

The most telling passage was as follows:

You get that?

Nationalists used to hide what we think because we were scared of the consequences. Now that the consequences of not stating our views loudly and repeatedly are worse than the consequences of doing so, they’re freaking out.

And Count Dvir was pissed. He claimed that the hit piece he had commissioned did not tell the full truth, then proceeded to point blank lie about the April Fools joke, claiming NSN called for the gang rape of jewish women:

Even though the prank explicitly stated the opposite:

So, he called his mates back home, and the troll has now escalated beyond even the wildest hopes.

Let’s make this abundantly clear. Dvir Abramovich has been sent directly from israel. He is funded by israel. His role is to influence the domestic and foreign policy of Australia on behalf of israel.

He is the literal definition of a spy.

Part of his role entails stalking, harassing and marginalising ordinary Australians who just want our country back. There is a strict protocol to this, which is that all efforts must be made to ensure the tight ring of censorship placed over Australian nationalists is never broken. These people take great pains to never link to us and to never mention us by name. They hope that with regular harassment by police and intelligence assets, and regular doxxing by assets in the controlled opposition far left, they will be able to intimidate nationalists into leaving the movement and keeping our mouths shut.

The ingenuity of Thomas Sewell and NSN is that it has left the Australian media and the Canberra Regime with no choice but to talk about us. Dvir has made a horrendous blunder because his emotions and ego got the better of him. The name of Thomas Sewell and the activism of NSN is now known around the world. This is a significant failure on his part.

The fact that Whites are being replaced, that deliberate miscegenation is a primary weapon used to replace us, and that the jews are the primary enemy wielding this weapon against us, is now an international topic of conversation.