Cuckservatives who respect freaks’ right to choose so-called “gender identity” SHOCKED when the demons unleashed by crimes against nature swear at them


Rita Pahani is an Iranian who lives in Australia but doesn’t belong here. She belongs in Iran. I gather she doesn’t like the regime which rules in Iran. Her only moral option is to move back to Iran and convince enough of her countrymen to charge machine gun fire so she can instal a regime of which she approves.

Instead she is employed by controlled opposition media outlet Sky News to mouth lukewarm cuckservative talking points. The cuckservatives who watch her see that it is an Iranian who articulates their boomer fantasies about how we just need to wind Liberalism back to 1973 and everything will be hunky-dory again.

This reinforces the idea in the minds of her cuckservative viewers that there is nothing wrong with mass immigration, because a mass immigrant is saying everything they believe in. We just need to let the good ones in. In this respect, Rita is the literal definition of a diversity hire. She prevents one of the most important potential anti-mass-immigration constituencies from achieving racial awareness.

Rita desperately hopes that her work for the controlled opposition Lying Press will keep the demons unleashed by Liberalism at bay. She wants things to stay as they are, or maybe moved back a smidge, probably not to 1973 but perhaps back to the early noughties or the late nineties. She wants an Australia which accepts mass migrants and allows a mildly intelligent foreign woman to earn big bucks convincing boomer cuckservatives that it isn’t such a bad thing that their children won’t look like them, as long as they pretend to agree with them.

If those horrible White Supremacists ever got in power, she’d be on the same boat as the jews, just with an earlier stop.

So she respects people’s right to choose their so-called “gender identity” but thinks we should draw the line at allowing men to play women’s sport and go in female change rooms. She thinks that we can live in a world where this line is respected.

This misses the point that a world which “respects” people’s “right” to choose their so-called “gender identity” is so far gone that anybody who thinks it is just going to stop there is actually a greater lunatic than the people who mutilate their own genitals.

Source, Telegram.

They might be demonic but at least they’re not stupid.

This is the context in which we should view this segment from Sky News in which Rita and some Bimbo are perplexed that the same Liberalism which tells women they can play all the sports men play and they should get the same level of prestige and financial reward, is the same Liberalism which tells them their daughters have to share a bathroom with “Jessica” Yanev.

They worry, seemingly quite sensibly, that allowing men to play women’s sport will increase the risk of injury. But they ignore the fact that encouraging women to play sports their bodies were never designed to play has already produced an alarming increase in horrific injuries.

Source, Telegram.

The same people who for years complained vociferously about how unfair it was that women split their vaginas open during childbirth, (in order to discourage White women from procreating) are now encouraging women to pulverise their breasts.

So-called “transgender” activists are screaming and swearing at people who don’t want men who claim they’re women to play women’s sport. But you let men claim they are women and you didn’t lock them in a prison for the mentally insane. What did you think was going to happen next?

This is what cuckservatives need to get through their heads. There is no happy medium. There is no middle ground, no way of halting the march of Liberalism. Clear moral boundaries and distinct roles for the two sexes existed for thousands of generations for a reason. They secured the existence of our people and the future of White children for thousands of generations because we adhered to natural law, to biological reality, to God’s Law. That great world we had from about the 1970’s to the early 2000’s, it was completely artificial. As we took our first steps away from God and the world did not crumble around us, we thought everything would be okay. But the demons unleashed by women’s “liberation”, by fornication, miscegenation, and ritually slaughtering a billion babies in the womb, were very patient.

They are now in full swing and you cannot negotiate with them, you cannot reason with them. They must be completely exorcised. There is no going back to the illusory paradise of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The only way you are ever going to stop them is if you let us horrible White Supremacists do things our way.