Scott Morrison catches Covid: Only 99.999% chance of survival


The least he could do is catch ebola just to make it interesting:

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has tested positive to COVID-19.

In a statement released late last night, Mr Morrison confirmed he took a PCR test after developing a fever on Tuesday evening.

He had been due to attend an event in support of the Ukrainian community at the Sydney Opera House but cancelled due to his symptoms.

It has been noted elsewhere, get used to the term “geopolitical correctness”.

Mr Morrison said he was experiencing flu-like symptoms and would spend the next week recovering in isolation at home in Sydney.

“I had tested myself daily since Sunday, including this morning, with all tests returning a negative result,” he said.

“I took a further test this evening after developing a fever late today.

“The test was inconclusive, so I took a PCR test tonight, which returned a positive result late this evening.”

The PCR test is useless anyway.

Regardless, he’s not going to die, not from Covid nor the jab. The cabal is happy to sacrifice athletes and high profile entertainers to adverse reactions, but lower ranked members of the cabal have been noticeably absent from the list of heart attack victims and “sudden illnesses”.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Morrison attempted to play the good-cop-daggy-dad Prime Minister to the bad cop Premiers who were locking down their states. As the two years progressed however, the excuse of “Hey what do you want me to do? I’m only the Prime Minister,” wore a little thin. Particularly as it became clear that the public recriminations were just for show.

This year footage emerged which indicates Morrison’s true loyalties.

Last month, Australians finally clicked that hundreds of thousands of people marching through capital city streets every weekend had no effect on the Premiers, so they took their frustration directly to the Prime Minister

A couple of weeks later, millions were in Canberra.

Canberra, 12/2/2022.

So the federal police used an experimental weapon on ordinary Aussies protesting against the mandating of an experimental vaccine.

And the globalists started a war. You cannot get a job in this country without getting double jabbed, or even triple jabbed, with a dangerous not-vaccine. This is not over until the criminals responsible for the Covid scam face justice.

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