Canberra Convoy Was Huge: Now Keep Going


As predicted, the Canberra Convoy protest today against nationwide vaccine mandates was huge.

Tens of thousands of Aussies descended on the nation’s capital to register their disgust at vaccine mandates.

This shot gives a good indication of the scale of the crowd.

I love the symbolism. We have become accustomed to the imagery of tens of thousands of foreign invaders marching into Europe unopposed.

A case of life imitating art.

Now, armies of White Australians a hundred thousand strong are giving their time every weekend across the country to make it clear to our rulers that we will not submit to Covid Tyranny.

Melbourne was in full voice again today.

My favourite bit of footage from the brief scan I have made of Rise Melbourne’s Twitter feed is this.

A truckie blocked off the highway just outside Parliament House and jumped out with an Australian flag. If enough people do this all day, every day, everywhere, for months, Covid Tyranny will end. In he meantime, we know how the state will respond.

We know that Scott Morrison is a pawn of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

His mission is to betray us and condemn us to life in a digital and real world prison. Covid is merely the pretext.

So if we shut down the country, special forces pushing over ladies in front of their children because of a parking infringement will probably be mild.

However, the blockade is working in Canada.

If we stand firm we will win.

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