Ukraine: China notices weakening of American deterrent

Melbourne, 2025.

The Global Times is an amazing resource. The official Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece pumps out official Chinese Communist Party propaganda, yet it contains more honest geopolitical analysis than the jewish owned Western press.

As such, it provides an important insight into the geopolitical calculations of Chinese powerbrokers, as long as you can read between the lines, just as one does with our own Lying Press:

Fro the Global Times, 25 February, 2022:

Since dramatic changes took place in Ukraine, the US, which had repeatedly promised to protect Kiev at critical moments and continued to “add fuel to the fire” of the situation, has once again come into the spotlight. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video speech complained that Western countries have abandoned Ukraine and left it to defend itself alone. Some Western netizens even asked: Where has the US been which provoked the war and said it “stands with Ukraine?”

That is the opening paragraph. Right from the outset, the Chinese have noticed that America does not fight to protects its allies.

The article proceeds to unpack the American government’s motives:

However, has the US really disappeared? On the contrary, it is quite busy gaining more “strategic interests” from the flames of war in Ukraine. The latest remarks by the US on the Ukraine situation released by the White House have underlined two points: First, turning Russia into “a pariah on the international stage” through sanctions and other measures; second, NATO has been “more united and more determined than ever” and this is “good news.”

As for Ukraine, which Washington uses as a pawn, in addition to reiterating that the US wouldn’t send troops there, Washington only simply said it “will support the Ukrainian people as they defend their country,” and “will provide humanitarian relief to ease their suffering.” Washington has once again displayed its selfishness and hypocrisy to the world. People have seen that after the US pushed Ukraine into the fire, it stood aside, pretending to care about the country and saying “I support you, keep fighting!”

All true. However it is worth noting again that the Global Times is a CCP mouthpiece which is at least partly intended to be read by Western audiences. Thus it is appealing to the innate White instinct for fairness to make the Chinese position seem more reasonable.

In reality, the Chinese Empire and the American Empire are competing empires ruled by elites who do not give a stuff about the common people, let alone peace or fairness. All that matters is that opening paragraph.

The CCP has noted that America has failed to stand by its ally, a key buffer against the power of the Russian Empire. Regardless of whether America provoked the war in the Ukraine, its deterrent has been weakened because it has responded only with financial and “humanitarian” assistance.

Thus as always, the calculation is whether or not America will abandon the key buffer against the power of the Chinese Empire, Taiwan, just as it has abandoned Ukraine.

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