WAR Cancels Invasion Day March Because Covid


The beautiful thing about radical Marxists is that they genuinely believe their own nonsense.

What do you want me to say?

They think the PCR tests are reliable, that over 90% of the population is vaccinated and that Covid is real.

Or do they?

Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, the extremists behind the so-called “Invasion Day” riots, are chickening out this year. They say they are so scared of Covid that they will have to cancel the most important anti-Australian and anti-White agitation event on their protest calendar. Because you know, they genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of aborigines.

Unless the government is putting them in the Covid gulag:


Just as a reminder, this is what WAR stated in 2018:

“WAR will not rest until we burn this entire rotten settler colony called Australia, illegally and violently imposed on stolen Aboriginal land at the expense of the blood of countless thousands, burns to the f. king ground,” the indigenous rights group wrote on its Facebook page.

“F. k your flag, your anthem and your precious national day … Abolish Australia, not just Australia Day.”

“WAR does not recognise Australian citizenship or the national legal system and wants to return the continent to the rule of “Aboriginal law”.

Sounds to me like they just hate everybody. Anyway, they have come up with an excuse to not show up this year.

From the Guardian, 25 January, 2022:

Melbourne Invasion Day rally cancelled due to Omicron outbreak

The organisers of the Melbourne Invasion Day rally have cancelled the march this year, saying the risk of spreading Covid through the Aboriginal community is too high.

They have recommended supporters attend the online dawn service instead.

In a Facebook post yesterday, rally organisers Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance said:

After lots of consideration WAR has decided to cancel the Invasion Day March in Melbourne. It would be careless to hold an event in the height of a pandemic and a virus that has taken ahold of so many in our community.

This is the first time since 2015 WAR hadn’t organised this rally and we want to be on the street fighting for our people but the time isn’t now.

Yep. They really care about aborigines, apparently. Here’s the clincher. After cutting and pasting the statement from WAR, the Guardian editorialised:

The Invasion Day rally is the biggest protest held in Melbourne each year.


That is patently false.

It is a lie.


Utter crap.

These pictures and videos are not from so-called “Invasion Day” riots, they are from peaceful protests in Melbourne against Covid Tyranny held in late 2021 and which have continued in 2022. They are the biggest protests in modern Australia’s history. They are bigger than the vaunted anti-Vietnam War protests of the 1970’s.

Even the smaller protests held during lockdown, when police regularly beat up and shot rubber bullets at peaceful protesters, were bigger than the so-called “Invasion Day” crowds.

There is simply no way the extremists in WAR could compete with this, particularly given that if they had gone ahead with the march, so many of their crowd are as mentioned true believers in the Covid hoax and would be too scared to attend anyway. Marching would have exposed their status as a small, astroturfed band of extremists who have nothing in common with the Australian people.

The protests against vaccine mandates and lockdowns are completely grassroots, comprising of ordinary people, mums and dads, Real Australians. The anti-Australia Day rallies consist of hundreds of professional university activists. They are the darlings of the Lying Press. Indeed the Guardian article goes so far as to shill for them:

There are a few organisations you can donate to instead of attending this year. The Dhadjowa Foundation is a grassroots organisation to support the families of those who die in custody. There is also family violence support service Djirra, VALS, and Pay The Rent. You can also donate to your local land council or traditional owner organisation.

Crucially, the Lying Press presents the so-called Invasion Day riots as a reflection of the genuine will of the Australian people and the anti-Covid Tyranny marches as a violent and conspiratorial fringe. This is a complete inversion of reality, and it exposes the conditioning which has domiciled the modern White man.

We are educated that peaceful protest influences public policy. This is simply not true. Whenever a Western government wants to implement an unpopular policy it mobilises its useful idiots to march in favour of said state-sanctioned policy. The useful idiots are often given free reign and are regularly violent. This violence is excused or ignored, and when the unpopular legislation is passed they point to the “peaceful protests” as their mandate. Conversely, genuine grassroots protests which clash with the interests of the ruling class are minimised and demonised, and the useful idiots are often mobilised to brutalise ordinary people who dare to protest.

With regard to the anti-Australia Day marches, they have been fostered by the ruling class because the ruling class on both (pretend) sides of politics wants to destroy Australia Day and to destroy Australia.

Therefore the cancellation of the 2022 anti-Australia Day march represents the first genuine victory for the anti-Covid Tyranny movement in Australia since the lockdowns ended.

Through their sheer relentless scale they have intimidated hardened, far-left extremists out of protesting in public. Ordinary Australians have retaken ownership of the public space from the far-left for the first time in decades, and delayed the controlled demolition of our civilisation by at least a few months.

This is huge.

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