We Reject their Science


More readers calmly take exception to my position on science versus God.

Adam, this may be your stupidest blog post ever. You’ve made the mistake of extrapolating from a few bad apples, to say the whole bunch is rotten. What a blunder!

The commenter goes on to mistake engineering for science. I am a big fan of engineering because the basis of engineering is mathematics and mathematics is a language like music is a language. Its rules cannot be broken, they can only be divinely inspired in their order.

But the animosity towards my position fills me with joy. When I first began casting my words into the void of the internet I would worry when my positions were attacked with vigor. Now I embrace the animosity because often it means that I am on the right track. Remember, we are most comfortably cocooned in our delightful dependence on science and its marvels. People do not like to have their assumptions challenged, and most especially those assumptions that they have had drilled into them since birth. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.

This morning I had a wonderful moment of synchronicity while reading an article on the subject of the joy of the Traditional Roman Mass.

Many who call themselves Christians have been having problems with these miracles for a long time, and they have done so because they have succumbed well over a century ago to a rationalistic and moralistic understanding of the person of Jesus Christ. And they are locked into a totally outdated and false understanding of the physical world: they live in an imaginary Newtonian world in which surprise is absent.

It is absent by decree, since there can be no surprises in a clock world understanding of the physical universe. One does not have to be conversant with the ins and outs of contemporary physics to know that physical reality is full of surprises and that these surprises happen with alarming frequency. The irony is that in an age in which science is seen to be the basis and the touchstone of what is real, most people, certainly including theologians, are locked into a view of reality that corresponds in no way to the mysterious and in a way crazy picture of physical reality that contemporary physics paints for us.

And the verb paints is very apt, for physical reality is much more like a painting whose meaning can never be fully grasped than the rather boring view of reality that is like a Patek Phillipe watch: expensive, keeps good time, but in the end not very interesting.

Is it mere coincidence that I am seeing other thinkers alluding to the problems of science? For this is not the only example of the past few days but merely the latest for me at least. These words quoted are poignant, as is the rest of the piece. We seek rationalisation when we should be seeking wonder in the divine.

William Wildblood wrote an article inspired by my own on the subject.

Over the last 200 years technology, put through from demonic levels, has destroyed tradition and religion and turned the world into an outpost of hell. Look at our art and architecture just for starters. Technology has corrupted our minds and now, with the diabolical fantasies of transhumanism, is even beginning to deform the human image. The Faustian pact gives us power over our world and our outer self but at the price of severing the link with the divine and our true being.

We get material power but each new form of technology takes us further away from God and the soul. We accept this happily because we only see the benefits which are not even benefits really because they soon pall and we demand more like a junkie with his fix.

Technology is about replacing man with machine, first externally but increasingly internally. Depending on machines for everything just makes our consciousness more mechanical and less alive which is why everything is duller these days. Our minds and our very consciousness become desensitised by technology and shrivel. The computers we increasingly live our lives through are stealing our souls and eroding our spiritual faculties which range from imagination to awareness of the sacred. Even our moral sense is undermined.

We yearn for tradition, for a connection with our ancestors and our tribes. But if we truly desire as such then we should remember what Christians in the past sacrificed in order to remain true to God. I have merely pointed out the negative effects of science on our lives. I have not asked you to give up anything. But science controls us and is used to control us by those that hate us and who want us dead and our religion destroyed. All of their works have been towards that end. They do not seek a betterment of man but rather a glorification of their own ends.

The events of these last two years have truly blessed us. They have provided us both with an opportunity to see and an opportunity to stand for God. And when you compare our personal cost now with those Christians that came before us then it seems rather paltry in comparison. They are so angry with us not because we reject the vaccine but rather because by doing so we reject their science. Their perverted science, deliberately perverted for their own ends which is our destruction.

We must raise the stakes. What other aspects of their lamentable science can we reject? How else can we drive them into rages of despair at our non-compliance? We must seek the beautiful and the true, the ways forward that benefit our families and communities while glorifying God. We must publicly embrace the Traditional Latin Mass and rub it in their faces. What are they going to do – excommunicate us for seeking to pray like Christians did for 1500 years? What are a joke they all are. What a pathetic and cowardly mass of hypocritical liars.

Life is good.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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