Melbourne Marxists INCITE VIOLENCE Against Peaceful Protesters


Melbourne has in 2021 gained worldwide notoriety for the violence inflicted by Daniel Andrews’ private security force against peaceful protesters.

The complete lack of violence during the massive pro-freedom demonstrations in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth have emphasised just how unnecessary Victoria Police’s brutality has been.

The rallies have comprised ordinary people and their numbers have continually grown. This indicates that opposition to lockdowns and mandatory vaccines enjoys broad support in the Australian community, and stands as a contrast to the smaller, astroturfed crowds comprising union thugs and university freaks which usually protest for so-called “progressive” causes.

This contrast became stark last weekend when a bizarre “counter-protest” was held by about half a dozen weirdos in Brisbane.

Marxist and Union groups have been defacing public property across Melbourne with cringe propaganda which isn’t even close to being as cringe as the people doing the postering:

Incredibly, Melbourne Marxist group Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, who are an an Antifa front organisation, has seen these disasters and said “hold my half strength soy frappa”:

“On November 20 the anti-vax movement will be holding another rally in Melbourne. Those organising the protest are linked up with far-right movements around the world.”

It’s all true. The XYZ has basically hijacked the entire Freedom movement in Australia and is funnelling all donations into an ingenious plan to leaflet drop every inner-city suburb in Melbourne’s south east with Ryan Fletcher cartoons.

All seriousness aside, you can find out all you need to know about the November 20 rally courtesy of Melbourne Freedom Rally at Telegram, Twitter and their website.

Their politics are deeply reactionary. They stand against public health measures including the restrictions and vaccines that have saved countless lives. While our hospitals and healthcare workers are being overrun, they celebrate selfish individualism that would see the bodies pile high as the virus rips through the community unabated.

The restrictions are costing lives. People are killing themselves in record numbers. So are the vaccines. Data demonstrates that you are more likely to get sick or die from a Covid vaccine than you are to get sick or die from Covid if you are unvaccinated. The Victorian government is actively covering up the fact that most people in Covid wards have actually had at least one jab, and we simply do not hear about the devastation that adverse reactions from the vaccines are having throughout the world.

This far-right worldview is intensely anti-human.

Marxism is anti-human. It has taken more lives than any other system of political thought in the last 2 centuries.

It has seen protesters spit on Melbourne’s healthcare workers, shout racist abuse at Aboriginal people who oppose them, and close down a vaccination hub that services the homeless.


The upcoming protest is organised by Melbourne Freedom Rally, a shadowy outfit led by Harrison McLean. McLean was recently exposed for plotting to use COVID-19 scepticism to walk people towards far-right fringe conspiracism and the “Jewish question”.

Dude, the guy is a libertarian.

Supporters include Reignite Democracy Australia, the electoral arm of the movement who have recently teamed up with Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly to create a new far-right force in Australian politics.

Reignite Democracy founder Monica Smit recently chose to serve a short jail term rather than be subjected to bail conditions which would have restricted her freedom of speech and destroyed the movement. Clive Palmer pointed out that Gladys Berejiklian was being blackmailed by a Big Pharma lobbyist barely a month before she was forced to resign due to her investigation for corruption by ICAC.

The Proud Boys, a neo-fascist, misogynist and anti-trans all-male group are regular attendees at these protests, seeing them as a fertile breeding ground for their ideas.

The Proud Boys are a multicultural organisation whose founding mission was to protect peaceful protesters from violence committed by groups such as Antifa and CARF.

When the far right advances like this, it is an immediate threat to people of colour, women, and LGBTI people, who are set within their crosshairs. This vile scum must be opposed by ordinary people.

Actually, they’re sharing signs like this:

So far in CARF’s campaign launch announcement, the factual errors have merely been deranged. Here is where things get serious:

Relentless counter-protests were how we defeated the far-right Reclaim Australia movement in 2015. To defeat the fascists this time we must build our forces and politically counter them. CARF is organising a counter-demonstration against the anti-vax far right on November 20 to show public opposition to these views and organisations.

We call on all anti-fascists and all those who support public health to join our rally and build the movement against the far right.

Relentless counter-protests did not defeat Reclaim Australia. Far left terrorist organisations such as Antifa deliberately beat up ordinary people at those protests. You might think this was terrible optics but it was actually brilliant optics. The violence deterred ordinary Mums and Dads from turning up with their kids and grandparents.

In calling for similar action to that taken against the Reclaim Australia movement they are openly inciting violence. It is bad enough that Victoria Police have been inflicting serious bodily harm against peaceful protesters at every Freedom rally. Now CARF want to get out there and beat people up all over again.

This is against the law and should be met with the full force of the law.

You can let them know that they are breaking the law at their event page on Facebook here. They will also be holding a public forum next Tuesday on Zoom where you can do the same.

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