A Million Aussies March For Freedom


So, Reignite Democracy have their own helicopter now. They took aerial shots of Melbourne’s CBD, as hundreds of thousands of people again marched against Covid Tyranny:

Wait until they find out what a helicopter’s really for..

Today’s Freedom crowd completely swamped Parliament House along Spring Street, and marched down Bourke Street. This aerial shot shows the crowd reaching from Spring and well over Elizabeth:

That’s epic.

If you listen closely to the video courtesy of Reignite Democracy you can actually hear the sound of the crowd’s chants reaching the helicopter hundreds of metres up, and over the sound of the wind and its engines. The crowd can also be heard across a wide radius of Melbourne’s inner city suburbs.

We have become accustomed to the ground level shots of Bourke Street. Hundreds of thousands of Australians are turning out every single weekend in protest against vaccine mandates and the Dictatorship of Daniel Andrews.

Once again they have been entirely peaceful. The crowd in Sydney is equally as impressive:

A big crowd has turned out in Newcastle as well. These crowds in New South Wales are of particular significance give how poor the weather is today.

Massive crowds have also rallied on the Gold Coast:

The Sunshine Coast:




This footage is mostly from the east coast of Australia, and it does not even include Brisbane or Perth.

These rallies are massive.

They are unprecedented.

They are relentless.

They are a clear indication that a massive proportion of Real Australians recognise what is going on in Australia as tyranny, and that we oppose it with every ounce of our being.

These rallies in Australia are matched by the massive, unprecedented and relentless rallies across Europe. Millions of our brothers and sisters are in the streets every weekend in opposition to the globalist Covid Regime.

What we have to remember is that the globalists are all in on this. They have assassinated presidents, rigged a US Presidential Election, they are blowing up the world economy, they are releasing a bioweapon on us and building an archipelago of prison camps.

They’re not giving in without a fight. This is just the beginning. The world’s Lying Press is currently bleating about some new variant and governments have slammed borders shut within hours of its announcement.

There is every possibility they will declare current vaccines ineffective and restart the entire process all over again, except this time they have the system of control already in place and normalised.

They can’t allow these demonstrations in Australia to continue much longer. Expect renewed lockdowns very shortly, and demonstrations to be banned Australia-wide within days.

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