Victoria Police Brutality: Lying Press admits Elderly Lady was Assaulted


This is how the Lying Press operates:

  1. It only reports on something which contradicts the Narrative if too many people have seen the news for it to be ignored.
  2. It only reports on it in order to reframe the story to suit the Narrative.

From the Lying Press:

An elderly woman was shoved to the ground and doused with pepper spray by two policemen during the Melbourne anti-lockdown riot.

The woman was bowled over by the two cops before they fired the spray directly on her face as she lay defenceless on the road trying to shield her eyes.

Disturbing photos and video of the scene divided the public who were outraged at heavy-handed police tactics, while others felt she deserved it for breaking public health orders.

Let the reframing begin. Not everybody believes that pepper spraying a 70 year old woman, knocking her over over, then pepper spraying her again (for her health) is a bad thing. It is a complicated issue and there are strong arguments on both sides.

Hundreds of anti-lockdown demonstrators took to the streets in Melbourne on Saturday, sparking violent confrontations with police that resulted in 235 arrests and 10 injured officers.

It was thousands, not hundreds. They are not “anti-lockdown”, they are pro-freedom. The police sparked the violence. Word is the elderly lady has a broken hip and concussion.

It is here that the Lying Press article shows the footage of the incident and the pictures.

She is clearly in pain.

They are careful to cushion the images with words on either side which attempt to divert sympathy toward the perpetrators and away from the victim. It is what I refer to as gaslighting in real time.

Demonstrators were slammed by most Victorians for breaking the city’s sixth lockdown, and Victorian Police commander Mark Galliott said the protest was just ‘angry, aggressive young males there to fight the police’.

But there was also anger towards police accused of using excessive force.

The footage shows the woman wearing a wig with an Australian flag draped around her being knocked to the ground by officers.

The woman, reportedly in her 70s, lay injured on the ground and shielded her face while being doused with pepper spray by two officers standing over her.

She is seen wincing and writhing in pain as officers eventually help her to her feet.

While viewers agreed the actions of some protestors in Saturday weren’t necessary, they believe police used excessive force.

‘This country is turning to s**t very quickly…and it’s not because of the virus,’ host of The Primodcast posted.

‘It’s because of incompetent state governments and big pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of the situation to make a s*** tonne of money.’

Others called for the officers involved to be charged.

‘Sue every bloody one of these little animals who call themselves police. How would they like it, if it was their grandmother, mum, aunty, sister, niece or cousin,’ one wrote.

But not everyone was on the protester’s side.

Reframing. It is a complex issue. Not everybody agrees that knocking over an old lady then pepper spraying her on the ground to compound her broken hip in order to protect her from a virus which has a 99.9% survival rate which is why we had a snap 5 day lockdown which will end in October, is bad.

There is no need to read any more of this poison, you get the drift. The upside is that irl and online activism is working. The Regime is concerned that brutalising ordinary people doesn’t look good for some reason.

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