Victorian Government Attempts Massive DISRUPTION of Freedom Protests


No official protest was organised in Melbourne yesterday as leaders and foot soldiers took a day to regroup after Victoria Police defiled the Shrine of Remembrance. However, Victoria Police’s threat to ”shift” its tactics moved over into the digital realm.

In an unprecedented move on Wednesday evening, Victoria Police made an announced a no-fly zone over Melbourne’s CBD. The official excuse was to prevent protesters from exploiting the media’s live feeds to avoid concentrations of police, and to find where other protesters were in the CBD when groups got separated.

Bizarrely, the Lying Press got uppity about freedom of speech, which they only care about when it is their own freedom being violated. They challenged it in the courts and won. Hilariously, Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said he didn’t realise it was going to be such a big deal.

A video has surfaced of police speaking to what looks to be a police protest infiltrator. This is to be an expected tactic. It is basically Police Intelligence 101. These guys will be used to gather information and to discredit protesters.

Another disruption tactic used was to block livestreams of the protests from Facebook. I can’t believe anybody is still on there, but apparently so. Although it is still unclear whether this has gone through, what became crucial yesterday was the way the possibility that Facebook would cut live feeds was used.

On Telegram, which is now the centre of the action, many users were asking “where are the protests?” and “where are the livestreams?” Other users would reply by linking to (at least) three different videos, linked here, here and here, showing big rallies from other days from Melbourne’s CBD. None of the links were actual livestreams, but were recordings which did not say what date they were.

It is possible that they even set up a fake Telegram group, as the group linked to here was not posting updates but had over 4,000 members.

Keep in mind, one of the reasons far left groups have been freaking out so badly is because the CMFEU office is one of their bases of operation. To have actual union members invading it would have given them the fright of their lives. These people are a tacit paramilitary wing and tacit paid trolls of the state. They are 100% for the establishment.

It is possible that the people linking the videos were far left trolls, and that even the ones asking the questions were as well. Essentially they were trying to trick protesters into heading into the CBD alone or in small groups to be picked off by police.

ABC Radio tacitly admitted this was going on. As usual it spun the story, reporting that Police were aware that protesters were aware that they were trying to disrupt their communications and intercept phone messages and calls. Although they don’t always mention Telegram by name, the media and police deliberately refer to it as an “encrypted” message board when it is anything but.

It was a stunning admission, the fact that authorities are tapping people’s phones and reading social media posts to stop them protesting against the house arrest of an entire city.

The media also admitted that police were monitoring where protesters said they were going to meet and increasing their presence in those areas in response. They referred to a park – that park was Carlton Gardens around the old Melbourne Exhibition Centre which is being used as a vaccination hub.

Again we are not sure if this was a legitimate protest or a honey trap.

The place to go for more or less official information is the Melbourne Freedom Rally, website and social media pages on Telegram and Twitter. They post times, dates and locations of protests and they also list the livestreams. You can watch a livestream of procedings here.

Even in the chats on these pages, watch out for the trolls. A protest is being organised somewhere in Melbourne this morning, Friday 24/9/2021 for 10:00 am, with the location to be announced one hour before.

Far left trolls, who are tacit agents of the state, are attempting to sow disinformation in the chats, saying “3pm? That’s too late”.

“Wayne Kerr”. That’s a tell.

Again, the protest today is for 10:00 am, with the location to be announced at 9:00 am. The XYZ will publish this too once it is announced.

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