Monica Smit Refuses to be Silenced: Chooses Jail over Unfair Bail


Yesterday police around Australia launched a coordinated strike against anti-lockdown leaders and livestreamers. Monica Smit, MD of Reignite Democracy was caught in the dragnet, and she caught her arrest on camera.

In a dramatic turn of events she has refused to sign her bail certificate because the bail conditions were too onerous. Here is an excerpt of the Reignite Democracy’s statement on the matter:

Allow us to begin by saying that there has been enormous support for Monica from people not only in Australia but from all over the world…it’s been astounding! it’s a testament of everything that Monica stands for…. Being a voice for the people in preserving their god-given democratic rights. This is precisely why Monica has declined to sign the bail order. The solicitor stated that the bail conditions were some of the most onerous conditions he had ever seen and that some may have even been unconstitutional in their effect… The first consequence would be an immediate dismantling of Reignite Democracy Australia, which would then impact on every other similar website! Mani Shishineh of Legalbit Lawyers, an excellent and reliable solicitor, declared that “signing that bail order would have effectively put an end to democracy in Australia!.” Be assured that he’s working with an experienced barrister, Marcel White, that we feel privileged to also have on board! Both are ready and willing to take this all the way to the Supreme Court or even the High Court, as this will set an important precedent. Meanwhile, this means that Monica will be in custody for as long as 4-6 weeks! It’s important that you all know that Monica came to this decision of her own volition…for her, this was non-negotiable! Be assured that the RDA team are committed to keeping the website going, as it’s more important now than ever!

Monica has always focused on “solutions” and messages of hope!

This is extremely admirable. Change will not occur in this country without people who are prepared to make sacrifices, and Smit has set an excellent example. The vision of Reignite Democracy is as follows:

Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) was founded by Monica Smit in response to the Victorian government’s catastrophic handling of the COVID pandemic.

Our vision is to empower people by giving them a voice and providing them with honest, timely and truthful information.

We aim to provide a real alternative to the mainstream media, covering the issues that affect people’s lives and delivering high quality content via multiple channels.

And they appear to understand the consequences of attracting the gaze of the Eye of Sauron.

UPDATE: George Chistiensen has weighed in on the matter:

Anti-lockdown campaigner Monica Smit is currently a political prisoner in the People’s Republic of DanAndrewstan, otherwise known as Victoria.

Earlier today, I spoke with both Ms Smit’s partner and also her lawyer who informed me of this news.

She has been charged with a claim of “incitement” and allegedly breaching the CHO directives for posting remarks online in that were in opposition to the Victorian Labor Government’s lockdown regime.

In order to secure bail, the authorities demanded that she not only shut down her political organisation Reignite Democracy Australia and all of its associated websites and social media accounts but they also demanded that she not continue to “incite” opposition to the Victorian Labor Government’s lockdown regime which would likely mean she is not able to express her opposition to the Andrews’ lockdown regime publicly.

It should be noted that Reignite Democracy Australia has an application before the electoral commission to become a political party.

So to be clear, Ms Smit will only be allowed out of jail if she shuts down a fledgling political party and that fledgling political party’s means of communications, and if she refrains from any discussion around the political issue of lockdowns in Victoria.

Ms Smit’s imprisonment and her bail conditions are a clear breach of the implied constitutional freedom of political communication.

And just as this freedom is being undermined in Victoria, so too is the public trust and respect for the police when VicPol is arresting and prosecuting political campaigners like Ms Smit.

I call on Ms Smit to be released from jail without these outrageous limitations on her political rights and for the police to withdraw the politically-motivated charges against her and to refrain from further political arrests and prosecutions.

As predicted, anti-lockdown leaders are starting to get the same treatment as nationalist leaders. Jacob Hersant was arrested and bailed on condition that he have no contact with NSN members and make no social media posts, conveniently before an amateurish Channel 9 hitpiece on NSN members.

Earlier this year Neil Erikson chose to go to jail for a month rather than accept a so-called “community corrections order” which would have similarly limited his freedom of speech as well as require him to essentially undergo re-education.

After decades of deliberate demographic replacement, the Australian government is now plunging the country into the darkest period in its history. The coronavirus is not the cause of this darkness. The Regime’s use of the coronavirus as a pretext to establish a totalitarian system of control over the Australian people is the cause of this darkness.

We will not bring back the light without great sacrifice.