Terrorist Antifa throw bombs, shoot guns, use vehicle as deadly weapon in Portland

Communist flag brandished by Antifa terrorist in Portland. Communism is responsible for the deaths of between 100-200 million people.

Yesterday in Portland, Oregon (otherwise known as “hell”) civic nationalist group the Proud Boys held a peaceful event.

It was deliberately crashed by a van driven by terrorist Antifa members. As far as we are aware nobody was hurt during this attempt to use a vehicle as a deadly weapon by Antifa.

A running battle ensued between members of the Proud Boys and Antifa terrorists. As Antifa terrorists retreated they threw Improvised Explosive devices.

And we’re not talking sparklers here. These were real IED’s.

Hilariously, the large group of well armed (and obviously well funded) Antifa terrorists were pushed back by a tiny number of under equiped Proud Boys. One of the Proud Boys was even on a mobility scooter.

This video shows Antifa terrorists beating up and attempting to commit armed robbery against a female photographer.

Astoundingly, Antifa terrorists unloaded riot gear from a vehicle to assist their occupation of a smal section of downtown Portland.

Very serious questions need to be asked about where they got the funding to do this, especially as they were happy to abandon the equipment as they left.

The awkward moment when the former Portland Autonomous Zone looks like the former Green Zone in Kabul.

Gun were fired in downtown Portland by Antifa terrorists. We are still working out what is actually being shown in the videos documenting this gunfire, which you can view on the Twitter feed of homosexual Asian Andy Ngo. This footage is from before the exchange of gunfire. Antifa terrorists had accused this innocent man of saying something “racist” and were threatening him with weapons.

This video shows Proud Boys sheltering from Antifa terrorist gunfire, and a possible brief sighting of the Antifa shooter.

This video clearly shows a man sheltering from Antifa gunfire and returning fire in an attempt to defend himself.

In this video, Portland Police query Antifa terrorists as to who had been picking up shell casings, ie removing evidence. This is evidence that Antifa terrorists, despite their denials, were shooting at someone in downtown Portland.

Despite serious concerns over the fact that the Proud Boys’ founder Gavin McInnes stuck a dildo up his anus on a livestream, and that their current leader is an FBI informant, it is understood that many Proud Boys chapters in America are independent of fed operations and degeneracy. It is good to see the Proud Boys actually fulfilling their original mission, which was to reclaim the streets from Antifa terrorists so that Patriotic Americans can safely express their views in public.

However, we must be wary of false flag operations as the American Regime will be keen to reassert its authority after its humiliation in Afghanistan. Furthermore, this represents a serious escalation of political violence by the far left in America, with open gun battles being fought between opposing sides in an American city.

All this comes just days after the Lying Press in Australia colluded with Antifa terrorists in Australia to attempt to frame ordinary Australians who just want our country back as terrorists.