The Afghan War was a complete success for the Globalists


The Biden administration is made up of the same people as the Trump administration. Behind the scenes the same civil servants and military leaders carry on with their jobs, regardless of who is President. Sure those with a direct ear to the President might change, but they are all controlled by the same masters in the end.

It is too easy to say that Governments are incompetent. This comes from the paradigm that their objectives are to be successful for the country they are supposed to be serving. Nothing could be further from the truth. The whole purpose of power is to either enrich oneself or to further the Agenda of one’s backers. Therefore every perceived failure and incompetent action, is likely nothing but. Almost all of the time the screw up was either planned or irrelevant to the true goal.

We need to stop the Libertarian nonsense that Governments are incompetent. If this were truly the case then they would have all failed decades ago. Instead they grow and grow and accumulate more and more power with less and less accountability. The conclusion is clear. Screw ups are not an accident. They are deliberate and further the aims and/or the bank accounts of insiders. It is skilful corruption at play, not arrogant incompetence.

Get this idea, firmly fixed in your mind, before you look at any events in the world.

Now let us zero in on Afghanistan. Trump brokered the Peace deal. Biden overseas the withdrawal thar leaves behind civilians and a ton of military equipment and weapons. The Taliban make world news.

This is not incompetence. Biden will be dead or a vegetable soon. The advisors will remain. The “War on Terror” had gone stale. Now it’s fresh again.

All the weapons that America “lost” will have to be replaced. All the weapons in the hands of the Taliban are a new “threat”. Parasites don’t care about their hosts. They only wish to feed. Their appetites are insatiable.

On the Globalist Agenda, destabilisation is good. It doesn’t matter where the conflict or division lies, as long as it exists. More military waste and spending. More fake money borrowed. More debt. More likely total system collapse and opportunities to implement a ‘Great Reset’.

Whatever the reason for the collapse in Afghanistan, we should not assume incompetence. We should make our default mindset that every catastrophe and debacle was planned and has a purpose. Trump was marketed as an uncouth loudmouth. Biden as a demented fool. Both are just puppets on strings. Entertainment for the masses to hide the puppet masters behind them.

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