Beware the False Flag


With the growing fallout from the Afghanistan debacle, the looming results of the Arizona audit and the stubborn refusal of a large part of the population to fall for the rhetoric and take the poisoned jab, the Deep State in the USA must be feeling a tad nervous about its prospects. The two factions in the White House must be equally nervous. On the one hand you have the Obama team, presently propped up by a geriatric kiddie fiddler. The other side is the Clinton team, which has some lunatic female half breed as its own puppet on the world stage. The power plays going behind the scenes must be equally bewildering and hilarious to watch.

Hilarious in the sense of, either you laugh or you cry.

I have seen various opinions as to what their next moves might be. Obviously a power vacuum is being rapidly created with the current US military failure. But the idiots of the managerial class will still be firmly entrenched in the superiority of their edicts, no matter what the actual results on the ground. The military-industrial-managerial complex didn’t fail; rather, it was the Taliban who didn’t have the good sense and grace to roll over and die. Those stubborn Afghans just wouldn’t get with the program.

One possible move being bandied about is the night of the pillow for Biden. While this could make some sense for those pulling the levers, I think that they have something else rather more sinister in mind. We know that the majority of those egging on the storming of the capitol on January 6th were FBI plants and stooges, what is known as a false flag.

The ultimate false flag would be an assassination of Biden by a so-called “white supremacist” or at least a self-declared member of the far-right. This would give the Deep State the excuse to enact martial law against Americans in general, but against a very specific type of American in reality – those stubborn whites who just refuse to get with the program and roll over and die. Either they didn’t die in the military, nor by their own hand from PTSD, nor from the created opioid epidemic, and now the bastards won’t take the poison jab. So set them up for a big false flag and then take away their guns. As a start.

To all of the American patriots who read my scribblings here, I would be very careful if I were you over the next few months. Organised demonstrations by what seems to be your side will be very suspect indeed. The time is to watch and wait, not to act rashly. Let the other side make a move and then don’t react. Stay silent and foreboding. Make them wonder what you are going to do and if and when something will happen. They have the patience of a five year old at his birthday party.

Make them sweat.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.