Aussie Revolution Day kicks off tomorrow morning, south of Brisbane, 5am



Posts and videos on social media claim that the planned truckie strike, which has escalated into a planned general strike could start one day early. Aussie Revolution Day was supposedly planned for Tuesday 31 August.

However, this may be clever disinformation, there maybe several protests, or people may just want to get cracking ASAP to give the Regime as little time to prepare as possible. It is claimed that One Nation Senators Pauline Hanson and Malcom Roberts will be in attendance, as well as doctors, nurses, lawyers and members of Australia’s police and defence forces.

It’s big if true:

The official Truckie blockade starts on Monday morning, with the exact location to be announced at 5am Monday, via email and Facebook accounts (Triccy Triddy, Tones Truckin Stories). And Telegram @thecrowhouseofficial

Please be ready to immediately head down to the location, once announced.

Backed by two Australian Senators who will be there on the day with members of the Australian Federal Police.

(Real AFP, no fake badges here).

The People’s job is to get down there in massive numbers of support, and waving those flags high.

In collaboration with community groups and certain political parties, a list of demands will be discussed and presented, which could signify the start of the tide turning for the Australian People.

If there was ever a day in 2021 to take a day off work, then Monday the 30th, is that day.

This is entirely plausible.

Aussie truckies are getting very, very angry at essentially being forced to take the vaccine to do their jobs and to get into Queensland. The Lying Press has been trying to frame the strike as being over working conditions but the poor working conditions are a direct result of the insane covid restrictions being enforced.

Anti-lockdown rallies have finally been drawing significant numbers. Well over 50,000 people marched in Queensland alone last weekend so it makes sense that a movement could be developing across the entire Australian community.

Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts have consistently countered the globalist narrative on the coronavirus, the not-vaccine and the lockdowns, so they could well have pledged their support.


We have heard promises before of a mass movement of people supported by white hats in the police and military, and prominent politicians promising they would be there too.

We know how that ended.

Reports this morning stated that a large number of police were moved to the Queensland border to counter an expected large protest, such as the one from last weekend. I saw a few people saying that authorities would just be wasting resources and that they were going to the rally next weekend.

Then again, maybe the cops are still there.

But at this stage, what difference does it make? They’re literally killing babies with the lockdowns.

What have Aussies got to lose? Either way, it looks like The XYZ will be having popcorn for breakfast.