XYZ Live #31 – Prime Minister Scott Morrison storms Canberra


Australia has a new Prime Minister, so we guess we had to talk about it. We expounded on a few of the major points to emerge from the long-planned coup which didn’t come off in the end:

  • Malcolm Turnbull was never a conservative and should never have been in the Liberal Party.
  • Turnbull’s knifing of Abbott made last week’s spill inevitable if the Liberals were to have any hope of survival.
  • The whole point of the spill was to get a conservative – namely Peter Dutton – back in charge.
  • Is Scott Morrison a real conservative, or will he turn out to be another globalist shill?
  • Conservatives must openly discuss race if they are to make any headway on halting mass immigration.

Toward the end we discussed Axiomatic Event’s refusal to pay the $68,000 extortion fee to the communist Victorian government, and the general appalling mess Victoria is in thanks to Dick Ears Dan.


Photo by xiquinhosilva