1 MILLION MUSLIMS in Australia to “influence the outcome” of elections


This is excellent news, as it will encourage White Australians to vote White:

From the Australian:

Websites and companies ranking MP’s on support for Palestine and whether they backed South Africa’s genocide case against Israel have sprung up to “lay the Muslim community’s political future”.

The Australian can reveal at least two newly registered websites – The Muslim Vote and Muslim Votes Matter – are circulating among political and community circles, which rank MP’s in “focus electorates” where the Muslim population is about 10 per cent or more.

Muslim Votes Matters was registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in February by two Melbourne-based directors, while The Muslim Vote is not registered with ASIC.

Both have “focus electorates” and comparable metrics for the MP’s targeted, although it is unclear if the two pairs of creators are working together.

The Muslim Vote promised that it has “substantial funding to drive” its campaigns and has about 2000 volunteers ready to door-knock at the next election.

Its site makes an electoral rallying cry to its community.

“The next federal election signals a shift – Muslim issues at the forefront,” the website reads.

“We will no longer accept being taken for granted. We are a powerful, united force of nearly 1 million acting in unison. We are focused on seats where the Muslim vote can influence the outcome. We are here for the long term.”

In case you missed that – there are nearly 1 million muslims in Australia, and they are explicitly working to influence the political process. Reclaim Australia was 100% prophetic.

The website is promoting a survey on the pro-Palestine performance of Watson MP and Employment Minister Tony Burke, who, it said, had showed “weak support for Palestine” and hadn’t backed South Africa’s “pro-genocide” case in the International Court of Justice.

The irony is that the South African government is committing genocide against its native White population.

The site also takes aim at Macarthur MP Mike Freelander, who is Jewish, saying the Labor member “rejects the premise of genocide” and is “weak on Palestine”.

“For the first time, the Muslim community has united and is acting as one at the ballot box,” the website reads. “And we’ve come well-prepared.” It also shows the breakdown of electors, the Muslim population and the margin.

On The Muslim Vote, 30 electorates and MP’s are targeted, while Muslim Votes Matter includes 32.

Muslim Votes Matters’ “scorecard” for the pro-Palestine performance of Education Minister Jason Clare says “while (he) has expressed positions in the media”, it was evaluating him on his parliamentary statements, giving him a red “has not” mark on eight pro-Palestine statements out of nine.

This is an excellent idea, and we should do the same. Senators such as Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts, who have proposed a halt to immigration and the possibility of remigration respectively, would probably get scores of 6 or 7 out of 10. The rest get zeros.

The emergence of the websites come amid growing discontent among Australia’s Muslim communities and leaders with state and federal Labor responses to the Israel-Hamas war, and growing realisation of their potential electoral sway.

In February, the NSW and Victorian governments cancelled their annual Iftar dinners after peak Muslim groups announced boycotts.

Although the federal government’s language has markedly hardened in the wake of the Israel Defence Forces killing Australian aid worker Zomi Frankcom, and six other World Central Kitchen employees, peak Islamic bodies have criticised what they see as rhetoric too soft on the Netanyahu government and domestic Islamophobia.

This should surprise precisely nobody. Both the muslim and jewish communities have sought to influence the Middle East policy of Australian governments for decades.

The XYZ has reported on the influence of various Asian communities Australian elections, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, after paying obeisance to Prime Minister Modi last year, again courted the huge Indian vote this weekend.

Aboriginal Australians meanwhile have such disproportionate representation in Australian politics that White Australians are practically falling over themselves to fraudulently identify as aboriginal.

To summarise, the reality of mass immigration undermines the narrative of “multiculturalism.” We are not enriched by multiple cultures who assimilate into some mythical Australian “melting pot”. Instead, each ethnicity votes as an ethnic bloc, reinforcing the reality of ethnic nationalism.

The former President of the multiracial city-state of Singapore Lee Kwan Yew, articulated this very clearly:

“In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

From a national security standpoint, this is an unforgivable blindspot. Defence boffins hyperventilate about the possibility of a foreign state influencing Australian elections:

“This shift to a more contested social environment reflects a revitalised appreciation of the importance of a nation’s societies to the nation’s ability to defend itself. The ‘people’ are now becoming reconceptualised as a centre of gravity that may be exploited by others to win future conflicts, potentially without any fighting at all. An adversary may now seek to mobilise Australians for their own purposes.”

Meanwhile, the foreigners mass imported into the country conspire to influence the elections according to their own interests. Australian governments have quite literally imported foreign interests. Thus, mass immigration constitutes a clear and present danger to Australia’s national security.

The only demographic in Australia which is not explicitly represented is its native people, White, Anglo Australians. Australia was founded as a White ethnostate, however since World War 2 we have been betrayed by successive Liberal and Labor governments.

The upside of the radical racialisation of Australian politics is that the ruling party duopoly will wither and die. While each party may be subverted for a time, eventually the Chinese, Indians and Muslims will tire of parties which reflect the outdated Anglo-Celtic class differences which dominated Australia prior to World War II. They will seek to exert direct influence via political parties which explicitly represent their own interests.

In such an environment, White Australians will have no option but to identify as White Australians and vote accordingly. Therefore the creation of a party which directly and explicitly represents White Australians is inevitable.

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