Literally all you have to do to identify as aboriginal is tick a box


In less than a minute and a half, Pauline Hanson has exposed the complete lack of accountability with regard to those who claim to be aboriginal. In the following video, Hanson skewers an ABC official who clearly does not want to give too clear an answer, because she knows precisely the implication.

Hanson: “Can you define what is a person of aboriginality applying for the job, what’s the definition?

ABC Drone: “Ah, Senatorr Hanson, um, you know, we… we, we have ah, guidelines around how um, our, our employees identify themselves as, as from aboriginal or Torres Strait islander descent, um, so, we don’t have guidelines as such.”

Hanson: “Do they have to tick a box to say they’re aboriginal?”

Interjector: “Do they tick a box?”

Hanson: “Well it is, on a lot of forms, you know, there are probably people listening to this who might want to apply for this, so, a job working at the ABC, so how do you define that that person is of aboriginal?”

ABC Drone: “Ah, Senator, um, ah ah I don’t sss.. I’m I’m not entirely sure what the the question is.

Hanson: [Going in for the kill] “So if someone walks in, you’re applying for a job and you say “it’s been advertised that only aboriginal need to apply”. Someone comes into your office and sits down opposite you at a desk and says “I’m applying for the job”. You say “are you aboriginal?” They say “yes”. Is that the end of the conversation?

ABC Drone: “Ah, yes Senator.”

Hanson: “So based on, if someone defines themselves and classifies and says “I’m an aboriginal” they have, they can apply for the job?”

ABC Drone: “That’s correct Senator.”

Hanson: “Thank you.”

Literally all you have to do to define yourself as an aboriginal is tick a box. Andrew Bolt should get his money back, with interest.

The phenomenon of box ticker aboriginals has become so common that the mainstream Lying Press is now openly acknowledging it. The aboriginal population purportedly skyrocketed by by 25% at the last census, a figure which cannot be explained by natural increase.

Aboriginals are presented by the political media industrial complex as being so oppressed that they require an entire third chamber of parliament to redress the balance yet White people, their purported oppressors, apparently are falling over themselves to identify as aboriginal.

This is because as Hanson points out, there are high paying, high status jobs out there which are only available for aboriginals. At the other end of the economic spectrum, there are increased welfare benefits if you identify as aboriginal.

Similar to the issue of men playing women’s sportsball, it is a problem perpetuated by Liberalism. Liberalism elevates women’s sportsball to the same level as men even though women generally are worse at sportsball than men. However Liberalism also insists that anybody should be able to identify as anything at all, therefore a man is allowed to play women’s sportsball as long as he identifies as a woman. Although some sportsball codes are banning men from doing this, these bans can only be maintained if society as a whole revitalises according to Biblical principles of Natural Law.

Similarly, Liberalism insists that aboriginals are opressed and deserve free gibs, but it also insists that we cannot require people to prove they are aboriginal of do DNA testing, because that’s what they did in 1930’s Germany and the Old Testament.

There is no way the system can stop this. If the so-called “voice” referendum succeeds and “aboriginals” get a third chamber of parliament, everybody will just identify as aboriginal.

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