What We Need is a Crusade


Look, we all know that our nations, societies and cultures are in a very bad place. We abandoned God and instead we worshiped materialism. Money is all that counts now. Check out any front page of an internet newspaper and almost every article will be geared towards how much money is involved. We are slaves to our sin.

We’re all responsible, of course, but some are more responsible than others. David Warren is a Boomer journalist. He is also a Roman Catholic. He is also ground zero for why the Boomers as a generation are irredeemable. This is Warren’s take on the current Gaza conflict. It took my breath away. My jaw was on the floor.

Bourgeois America hasn’t changed, and neither did bourgeois Germany. Our middle class remains well-meaning. However, the spineless masses simply stepped aside, as they step now that the devil is loose again. Sentimentality is a happy, worthless memory for the majority of a cowardly people. What happens to Jews today at Harvard and elsewhere is “none of our business.”

In other words, the middle class, of which Warren is a proud member, are all good when it comes to the Jews. The working stiffs, however, are a bunch of anti-Semites. Notice how no mention is made of the upper classes in this regard.

The governing parties in the USA and Canada wish to present themselves as reasonable, and take a middle position between Hamas murderers, rapists, and kidnappers, and the Israeli Jews who are defending themselves. While the Israeli Defence Forces go to unprecedented lengths, taking serious casualties to spare “Palestinian” (Arab) civilians, Hamas does whatever is in its power to maximize the carnage. The more civilians who can be cast as victims, the more the publicity machines of the Left can be fed. (Israeli ceasefire offers are consistently rejected.)

Wow. Just, wow. This is literally AIDS. But then, Boomers and AIDS are synonymous.

Can it get any worse? Sure it can.

This is what happens when bourgeois, sentimental, cowardly Westerners make diplomatic accommodations with Satanicorganizations, such as Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah, Houthis, the Syrian regime, the Iranian Ayatollahs, ISIS and various other “Islamists.”

My bold. There is no more Satanic class in the world then Jews. The Jews rejected Christ. Those that didn’t became Christians. Ergo, all Jews today are Satanic. It’s pretty bloody simple. Especially if you’re a Roman Catholic. Unless you’re a Boomer, and then it’s head explode time.

Saying Christ is King is illegal now in South Dakota. Because the Jews. But hey, keep holding on to your Boomer Roman-Judean-Catholicism.

The Boomers have to die out. There is no other way around it. You could take this clown to the Gaza Strip and show him in real time Jews murdering civilians and he still wouldn’t be able to make any value adjustments on this subject. The very worst thing that ever happened in the history of humanity was giving the Holy Land to the Jews. What we need is a good old fashioned, no holds barred, Crusade. And not against the Muslims.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill.