nEwS.cOm actually reports on White Genocide in South Africa


I almost don’t believe it. A mainstream media organisation has actually reported on the systematic brutality being perpetrated against White South African farmers without saying they are all “nazis” who deserve it.

They have produced a video portraying the Afrikaans in a sympathetic light, and even titled it “Silent Slaughter – Farm Attacks in South Africa”. They link these attacks to the country’s Marxist president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who has stated his intention to steal the Boers’ land.

Here are the opening paragraphs.

From nEwS.cOm:

Horrific killings of farmers, where victims were sexually assaulted, tortured and strung up on poles, have sparked outrage in South Africa.

In one of the cases, a female farm manager was sexually assaulted and strangled by two gunmen at her farm.

In a separate brutal attack on a farm manager 290km away, a man was tied to a pole and tortured before being repeatedly stabbed and then strangled.

And, in a third incident, a gang of nine attackers allegedly threatened to rape a farmer’s young children if he didn’t cooperate and give them what they wanted.
Farm manager Chantel Kershaw, 44, was ambushed by two armed men as she helped load a lawnmower onto a truck, The Sun reports.

They then held her down and strangled her in the garage of her farm at Delmas east of Johannesburg and left her lying on the ground before pistol whipping her mother.
Distraught mum Greta Spiers, 65, was restrained as the farm was looted and a maid locked in a bathroom before they fled the scene in the family’s white Chevrolet station wagon.

Local neighbourhood watch farmers forced the stolen vehicle off the road in a high-speed chase after being alerted by the murdered woman’s mum and captured the suspects.

Putting the full horror of the violence inflicted on White South Africans front and centre. It is so rare for the mainstream media to report truthfully and accurately on the attempted genocide against our South African cousins, that the way this obvious fact has been reported is newsworthy in itself.

Furthermore, the article puts the murders in their proper context; the brutality and systematic nature of the killings indicates a political motive. If you want to rob people you use the violence necessary to rob them and deter retaliation or reporting to authorities. If you are a Marxist government which is trying to break a people’s spirit in preparation for physical extermination, you use a proxy militia to torture them, rape their women and children and publicly display their dead, mangled bodies:

He told TimesLive: “How do you murder someone and hang him on a pole for everyone to see? This was a clear message to all farmers. Farm killings have to stop right now.”

Dr Jane Buys, safety and risk analyst of Free State Agriculture, told the paper: “The senseless killings cannot be allowed with the brutality in which they are executed.

“It is not clear what the motive for this murder is. There cannot be any justification for killing a person who provides food security. Something has to be done to stop it.”

Pressure group Agri SA said that on average a farm where a farmer is violently attacked will be abandoned for up to five years until someone takes it on and restarts production.

They said that means dozens of workers and dependants losing their livelihoods.

AfriForum spokesman Marius Muller who speaks for the civil rights organisation protecting minority groups in South Africa said the farmers need better police protection.

He said, “This is yet another dark day in the history of South Africa for farmers and those with small holdings and the murder of these two farmers was totally unnecessary.

“These were both premeditated and horrific attacks on innocent farmers who look after and care for their workers and whose jobs may now be put in jeopardy by these murders.”

Each day in South Africa an average of 60 people are murdered but although the number of farmers killed averages 75 a year, their deaths are usually horrific and brutal.

Their killers often torture their victims and rape the female members in the house before finally murdering their victims.

The oligarchy has gone out of its way to portray the systematic slaughter of White South African farmers as a so-called “White Supremacist conspiracy theory”:

The obvious response to systematic attacks against isolated farms is to form a collective defence, hence why the oligarchy has also attacked the 100% White South African town of Orania:

Similarly, any white people who attempt to organise politically within the so-called “democratic” system have their bank accounts closed, are imprisoned or simply murdered.

Europeans of every ethnicity are under systematic globalist assault in each of our respective countries. The solution is of course collective action in pursuit of our ethnic interests and in broad support of our European family. The rulers of this world will of course attack us for this, but work together we must.