Grooming event held today at Parliament House in Melbourne


A groomer event with children present was held at Parliament House, Melbourne, today.

The grooming of children goes right to the top. It is government policy. One has to wonder what level of satanism Daniel Andrews has reached. He locked down Victorians for a record amount of time during the false Covid “pandemic”, and used state security thugs to brutalise any opposition to his totalitarianism.

His government drafted legislation to effectively prevent Victorians from growing their own food, and he forced Victorians to inject poison if they wanted to work. He is currently brushing off accusations of corruption with his usual arrogant disdain. Victorians apparently voted for this guy, repeatedly.

Grassroots opposition to groomer events euphemistically referred to as “drag queen story hour” is reaping real world results, with a swathe of these disgusting events being cancelled. Public disgust is currently boiling over at a video of a child manipulated into “twerking” to a rooftop bar full of adults in Melbourne’s CBD.

The regime’s response has been to double down, with local councils planning to centrally coordinate the pushing of groomer propaganda, with the full backing of the state security apparatus.

The Andrews dictatorship obviously considers today’s “IDAHOBIT” abomination to be some kind of symbolic pushback against the brave activists who protested against pedo freaks in March.

Instead it will likely inflame the revulsion of ordinary Victorians.

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