Daniel Andrews SLAMMED for not lifting Vaccine Mandate for workers


In Victoria the unvaccinated can go to the pub, but they cannot earn the money to afford a chicken parma.

XYZ News noted on Wednesday that the language used by the Victorian governmemt regarding whether or not the vaccine mandate would be lifted for workers appeared deliberately vague. Perhaps they were trying to soften the blow that the mandate was not in fact being lifted.

The government has not been able to avoid a severe backlash however, as employers, and even the so-called “experts” slam the decision:

Transport companies have called on Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley to allow unvaccinated drivers to return to work, saying the government’s vaccine mandate has decimated the industry.

Only Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory continue to require truck drivers to be vaccinated. NSW never mandated vaccines for truck drivers and Queensland and South Australia have lifted their requirements.

Professor Julie Leask, a leading vaccine expert at the University of Sydney, called on Foley to explain why vaccine mandates for most workers in Victoria were left in place, despite the significant overhaul of the state’s COVID-19 restrictions announced on Wednesday.

“Tell the public why … then they understand where he’s coming from,” Leask said.

The changes to isolation requirements, mask rules and check-in requirements will take effect from 11.59pm on Friday. But vaccination mandates will remain in place, against the advice of Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton. The changes mean an unvaccinated person can dine at a restaurant but not work there.

If ever you wanted proof that the role of the CHO was to provide cover for the government when it decided to make unpopular tyrannical decisions, this is it. Throughout the lockdowns Premiers of all states and territories insisted that they were merely following the advice of their experts. It wasn’t their fault. The CHO made them do it.

Quite often Brett Sutton looked as though he was just phoning it in, fully aware he was basically being paid squillions to put his scientific stamp on Covid Tyranny.

Now that Russia has cured the world of Covid, Sutton says the vaccine mandate can be lifted, but Dictator Dan has kept it in place. It was always about control, about draining the resources and of the people most likely to oppose him, and driving them out of the state.

Premier Daniel Andrews on Thursday said he hopes he can allow the pandemic declaration to expire on July 12, meaning all COVID-19 restrictions, including the vaccine mandate, would be removed in Victoria ahead of the November state election.

Don’t hold your breath. Predictably, they are now admitting that the mandate was designed to coerce people into taking the poison:

Leask said there may be legitimate reasons to keep the mandate in place in Victoria, but that Foley needed to explain his decision.

“We’re left to speculate on why the health minister has chosen to maintain the mandate,” Leask said.

“The coercion would have done its work by now, if it was going to. I don’t think continuing the mandate will achieve any high vaccination rate because it would have done that already. It would have got the people it was going to motivate over the line already.”

Don’t bother trying to raise this with the Prime Minister, however. He claims Aussies got jabbed entirely of their own free will:

“We’re all responsible for our own health. When it comes to informed consent and giving consent to whatever procedure or treatment that you may have, or I may have, then I’m ultimately responsible for whatever people may do in their health treatment to me. And there has been the opportunity for people to visit their GP, to have that consultation, the government has provided that and funded that. And the informed consent process provides the decision to the individual. That’s the sort of country we live in. People make their own decisions about their own health and their own bodies.”

As Vox Day has noted:

“Never forget that you are dealing with spiritual wickedness that glories in deception and despair. They will tell you that you have no choice, then blame you for making the very choice they made you feel you didn’t have. It’s the coercion that is the clue.”

Back to the transport industry:

Victorian Transport Association chief executive Peter Anderson said removing the mandates would get drivers – who need three doses of vaccine to transport food or two for general freight – back to work.

“We estimate around 10 per cent of drivers left the transport industry because of vaccination mandates, which is significant for an industry already facing driver shortages,” VTA chief executive Peter Anderson said.

“This will also help to ease supply chain disruptions that have led to delivery delays and chronic shortages at supermarkets and other retail stores.”

The Lying Press insists that 95% of Victorians over 12 are vaccinated. We know it’s rubbish. If over 10% of truckers left the industry because of the mandate, it has to be. In England they literally double counted to artificially boost the official vaccination rate figures.

We have to ask ourselves why Daniel Andrews is so determined to keep Victoria out of step with the rest of the country. Why is he so determined to starve out such a significant proportion of the people? Will we ever know the true figures?

Most importantly, who has him by the balls?

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