Australia Says No To Groomers


Thomas Sewell today led 20 men in a protest on the steps of parliament in Melbourne against the grooming of children by so-called “trans” activists.

Sewell outlined the objectives of the protest on Telegram:

Today in Melbourne, the National Socialist Network acted as a vanguard for a protest against the constant paedophilic agenda being forced upon our children and our people.

They formed a wall between the feral antifa freaks intent on violence and destruction and stopped them dead in their tracks.

They made their presence known and made their message clear.

Paedophiles deserve destruction, and the only solution to this sickness is White Revolution!


They protected a normie protest against the encroachment of men into women’s sport. The headline speaker for the event was Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, an atheist radical feminist.

The fat little Indian had no idea what was going on.

Naturally, Marxist terrorist groups posing as “trans” activists attempted to harass and assault the peaceful protestors. Fortunately Victoria Police held the ferals at bay, much to their chagrin.

Despite the deliberate provocation of police officers by far left terrorists, Victoria Police prevented them from attacking any grandmothers.

They even arrested several extreme far left extremists.

It is telling that when ordinary people dare to speak out in public, the police always have their work cut out preventing antifa violence, while the ordinary people are just there to say their bit then go home.

Normal boomers minding their own business.
Police holding back the orcs.

Not that the men of NSN need any protection.

Note that so many of the Antifa/Socialist Alliance mob were brandishing red flags. Although minus the Soviet insignia, this was clearly a communist dogwhistle. As such they were brandishing the flag of an ideology which has spread misery, repression and genocide globally for over a century.

We doubt they are about to apologise for this any time soon.

Several freaks infiltrated the normie protest and carried out a demonic birthing ritual.

Note the t-shirt. These people hate Christians and they hate Christ. Just as bizarrely, another Antifa feral tried to steal an Australian flag.

You’re dreaming if you think you’re going to get that off Jimeone.

Catherine Deves was in attendance, and she very politely asked some “trans” activists what rights they felt they were missing out on. She was met with mindless chanting and abuse.

Simultaneously, Christians in Sydney held a Protect The Children rally. Some Marxist terrorists broke through police lines in their attempt to harass the peaceful protestors, not that they posed much danger to anyone, really.

XYZ News understands that one of the kids bit their own tongue, but they were okay after a lollop.

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull is currently touring Australia, and similar events have been gatecrashed by terrorist socialist groups posing as “trans” activists.

This highlights a key benefit of NSN’s attendance at today’s event as outlined by Sewell. At previous events, normies have quite rightly required police protection from extreme left terrorists. However, Thomas Sewell’s men can more than handle themselves. As demonstrated by an earlier video, 20 nationalists stood easily against 300 Antifa. The police were essentially protecting Antifa from themselves, knowing full well they would have fared second best had they initiated violence against the peaceful protestors.

Thus NSN are reclaiming the public space from the far left. Ordinary people now hold the protestors’ veto, as demonstrated by the cancellation of a drag queen groomer show in St Kilda in December 2022.

The other benefit is more philosophical and long term. Speaking plainly, grassroots movements which initially oppose Globohomo tend to be infiltrated and directed by, if not jews, then at least atheist radical feminists with funny sounding hyphenated surnames, who are at heart liberals who merely want to turn back the clock of Liberalism to 1993 or the 70’s or something.

Whether it is Reclaim Australia, the anti-lockdown and anti-vax movements, or pro-biological reality protests, the goal is always the same:

  • Prevent White people from organising and coalescing into a movement which genuinely advocates for our own interests.
  • Misdirecting them to reinforce the progress of Liberalism and maintain support for Israel.

The Avi Yemini problem and the danger of good Jews

Thomas Sewell’s organisation by its very nature is immune to this standard playbook, hence its effectiveness.

Both the groomer ideology of “trans” activists and the lesbianism promoted by Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull are forms of Liberalism directed by the Globohomo regime at White people in order to undermine White families, birthrates and social cohesion.

The Nationalists who protested in Melbourne and the Christians who protested in Sydney by contrast assert the traditional family, the Christian family, an approach grounded in nature.

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