Women’s sport should not exist



There’s a certain bloke by the name of William Thomas who likes to go by the name of Lia and enter swimming competitions against women. William has been in the news a fair bit regarding his hobby because as well as enjoying swimming with the ladies, he also enjoys injecting estrogen in an attempt to give the ladies a chance against him. It’s possible he might have also had his penis and testicles cut off, but I haven’t fact checked that and I’m not sure whether a male power mound actually helps or hinders transition through a swimming pool with greater efficiency, so it’s probably not relevant to the topic at hand.

The problem as I see it is not whether or not men should be allowed compete in women’s sport, rather the problem is why do we allow lessor categories in any professional sport? Not just men and women, but also lighter weight divisions or any other form of second best competition.

The original purpose of sport was as a proxy for war. A way to train and find out who might be best suited to killing the enemy with the sword, the spear, the bow, etc. Who was the fastest, who was the strongest, who had the most endurance, who was the best fighter when no weapons were at hand. What use did we have for women in that regard? Very little and very rarely. What was even the point of finding out who was the best woman javelin thrower? Or the best javelin thrower under 5 feet six inches tall? Or the best javelin thrower under 60kg in weight? If everyone in your society might need to throw a javelin one day, then you need to know who is the best and who is the worst irrespective of whether they are man, woman or child, tall, short, heavy or light. Prestige comes from being the best and only from being the best. Lessor categories are irrelevant.

The transformation of sport from war training to entertainment shouldn’t change our perspective on this. But the first corruption of finding the best came in the war sport of boxing. In the early 20th century men pounding each other with their fists became a money maker and creating lots of weight divisions was a way of making more money.

If I said the name Rocky Marciano to you, there is a good chance you would have heard of the name, and if you enjoyed boxing you would probably know he was the heavyweight champion of the world in the middle of the 20th Century (from 1952-1956 to be more precise, which you might not know). If I said the name Tony Zale to you though, unless you were a real scholar of boxing history, you would have no idea who I was talking about. That’s because despite Zale being world champion between 1941 and 1948 with a brief period of dethronement in between, Zale was the middleweight champion, not the heavyweight champion. I only know about him because he was my wife’s grandfather. He is in the boxing hall of fame. A classic movie was made staring Paul Newman telling the story of the opponent that beat him. The movie was a success due to the rags to riches story of Graziano and because of the perceived invincibility of Zale whom he had to beat. Zale took back that tile, just like Muhammad Ali regained his after losing to Joe Frazier. Do you think this fact and a movie with the biggest star in Hollywood at the time makes any difference 75 years later?

Whatever hype at the time, whatever his skill in his weight division, people remember the names of the heavyweight champions, not the lessor weight champions. We care about the best of the best. We care nothing about the unfairness of putting a 5 feet 9, 75kg guy in the ring with a 6 feet 4, 110kg guy. Who is the best? In fact one of the reasons Mike Tyson was so revered as a fighter was the fact that he was just 5 feet 10 in height and completely destroyed all comers, most of whom were 4-8 inches taller than him and a damn sight more muscular and heavier.

So the problem with tranny William Thomas calling himself Lia is not that he is a man competing in a competition for women. At least it’s a separate problem to sport. It’s a problem of our degenerate and fallen society.

The problem for sport is that we have women’s divisions of any sport in the first place. Even that is just a subset of the original issue of having any lower divisions in professional sport worthy of anything more than an amateur hobby or children’s development. Under 16s. Who are the up and coming champions of the future? Being the best in your school at a certain age or the best in your area when schools have sports meet ups is interesting for the kids and inspires dreams of being the best in the country or the world one day. If, however, you don’t have the genetics to be the best in the world one day, don’t delude yourself into thinking that being the best woman or the best in your weight class is anything more than a consolation prize. Don’t think it’s anything more worthy than being a good bowler for the Sunday local cricket team.

Reality doesn’t care about fairness. The Israelites couldn’t complain to the Philistines that they didn’t have any warriors in Goliath’s weight and height division. David went in and slew the giant and claimed all the more glory because of the mismatch. He would have claimed no glory for chopping off his pee pee and fighting Goliath’s wife. Nor would anyone think much of Goliath’s wife killing a farm boy with no dick. It wouldn’t elevate her, it would only degrade the Israelites.

I don’t care about William Thomas swimming with the girls. Because I don’t care about women’s sports. Let William Thomas compete in Gymnastics on the wooden beam against the women if he wants my respect. Let him do it whilst he still has his testicles, if he wants my respect. If he can beat the women in that competition, I would say:

“You go go go tranny man! All power to you, you abomination of nature. I still think you should repent of your sin and turn to Christ, but damn, when you got back up after accidentally landing with a leg either side of that beam to do a double backflip into ballet pose, I have to confess I was impressed!”.

That’s because the best in the world at balancing beam are small teenage girls. Men don’t compete in it because men are genetically disadvantaged in the sport. And if I was ever a general of an army that needed the skills of someone to balance on a thin plank of wood to get a guide rope across a gorge so I could have a bridge built, then I would have no issue in using a woman and having a competition with both men and women competing against each other to find out who was most suitable for the job. But instead William Thomas has lost to some girls in a swimming race and he is the subject of ridicule and disgust. Butch women swimming against a pathetic, mentally sick man is not my idea of entertainment. Nor is butch women competing against other butch women entertaining to me in general. Because the best male swimmers are vastly better than the best female swimmers.

So if we are going to allow ourselves to be distracted by bread and circuses, can we please only allow ourselves to be distracted by the best of the best and ignore all lessor forms of distraction.