Christian Lebs BTFO LGBT Pedo Freaks in Sydney


Don’t mess with Christians.

Pedo freaks hate being outnumbered.

A gay and LGBTI rights group says a group attacked peaceful protesters outside a Catholic church in south-west Sydney, where One Nation’s Mark Latham was giving a speech.

Community Action for Rainbow Rights said on Twitter that as they were protesting outside St Michael’s church hall in Belfield, a mob set upon the protesters.

“Several people were punched in the face multiple times & hit with rocks and bottles as they were surrounded by a mob 30 times their size,” Community Action for Rainbow Rights said in a post.

On Saturday in Melbourne, pedo freaks threw glass bottles at NSN members. That didn’t make the news.

Footage posted by the group on Facebook appeared to show a large, mostly male crowd confronting the rights activists and throwing punches as police officers attempt to hold back the group.

One of the organisers of the LGBTI protest, who requested anonymity due to fears for their safety, said they had intended to simply hold signs on the street opposite the church, make their point, and then leave.

The Lying Press has gone on a doxxing blitz since Saturday’s epic rally. The truth is, it is the trans activists and Antifa terrorists who regularly invade the privacy and threaten the safety of ordinary people who stand against their groomer agenda.

Instead, the Lying Press let them keep their masks on and let them bleat that they are in danger, when in fact they are quite often paid tools of the system.

“When we got there, we were full-on mobbed,” the protester told Guardian Australia.

“They grabbed one of the protesters by the hair and threw them to the ground, they punched people in the face, they threw bottles, handfuls of gravel.”

“We were just surrounded by these people who were out for our blood, basically. It took a lot for police to push them back and for us to make our escape.”

New South Wales police said two people were arrested following “a public order incident” involving about 500 people.

500. That’s a whopping number.

The protester said police were overwhelmed and struggled to maintain any sort of line between the two groups.

“It was such an extreme situation,” the protester said. “They barely had a handle on it, they barely had enough people to maintain a line between us and them. These … people kept jumping in and throwing their fists at the top of our heads and stuff like that.”

So now you want police protection? After the Melbourne rally on Saturday, pedo freaks openly complained that Victoria Police prevented them from assaulting NSN members.

This point cannot be stressed enough. Antifa and Socialist Alternative members have been openly inciting violence against NSN members and complaining that police prevented the extreme left terrorist groups from doing a terrorism.

“Don’t worry though, the cops made sure that we couldn’t get to the nazis.”

It should also be noted that at no point did NSN members request police protection. Instead they formed a solid line in open defiance of their more numerous foe, and the soys baulked.

This gives an indication of the respective calibre of the men on either side.

Latham, who is an outspoken critic of discussion of gender diversity in schools, said he had been advised by police not to attend the meeting but believed that not doing so was a “denial of democracy”.

Neither he nor One Nation – which is bidding to gain seats in Saturday’s NSW election – organised the event.

He said he had spoken about religious freedom, parental rights, school education and protecting non-government schools from what he called “alphabet activism”, and had not seen any trouble.

One Nation has for all intents and purposes abandoned the White Australian ethnic nationalism it originally signalled in favour of courting “based” migrants to fight in the Eternal Culture War against extreme far left extremists.

It is refreshing to see Lebanese Christians so thoroughly routing the encroachment of Globohomo in their suburb, and today many other Christians will be asking, “Why can’t we do the same?”

This is why we have to talk about race.

While this show of strength in Western Sydney was a brilliant example of muscular Christianity in action, it was more precisely an example of ethnic nationalism in action. The 500 strong crowd was predominantly comprised of Lebanese men. Data from the 2016 census shows that Lebanese form the largest ethnic bloc in the suburb of Belfield, where the riot took place, at 14.5%.

They essentially comprise a micro-nation. The reality of so-called “multiculturalism” is that separate ethnic communities live as autonomous micro-nations in their respective suburbs. Thus “multiculturalism” is by definition self contradictory, as the multiple ethnicities mass imported to make Australia “multicultural” barely mix, instead reinforcing the biological reality of ethnic nationalism.

In their autonomous zones, these ethno-micro-nations enforce their shared norms, with force if necessary.

The pedo freaks overlooked this aspect when choosing to protest against a Catholic Church in Western Sydney because they do not understand race. They think in terms of designated “minority” groups, which is why they would never dream of challenging muslims in Western Sydney regarding their attitude to groomers, and why they characterised those who repelled them with the completely incongruous label of “far right” and “fascist”.

What we can take from this is that White, Anglo Australians can have this too because the model can be replicated.

We can have this.

We can congregate in suburbs and regions throughout Australia and over time we will come to dominate them demographically and politically at the local level.

As the federal government loses its power as Clownworld fragments, this local power will matter more and more. Especially as Australia is becoming a ticking timebomb. Australia stands on the cusp of revolution, and it could kick off anywhere.

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Know your tribe.

It’s going to matter.

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