Boosters kill or injure 1100 for every 39-49 year old saved


Under the false assumption that government data about CoVid hospitalisations and deaths were CoVid hospitalisations and deaths, UK MP Andrew Bridgen still delivers some shocking facts to the UK Parliament.

From the government’s own data up to 1100 people were seriously injured or killed in the 39-49 age group by the booster shots for every one person prevented from being put in ICU or killed by the “latest variant”. No one under that age had landed in ICU with any of the variants. Of the over 70’s who were suffering from one or more co-morbidities, the Government data showed that for every person saved from a variant another person was killed or maimed by the booster.

Please remember, most, if not all so called CoVid cases were in fact flu or pneumonia and as for the number of people prevented from landing in ICU from “CoVid” there is no scientifically valid way of determining that number because people still ended up in ICU and dead with “CoVid” even after taking all the vaccines. So if many weren’t saved then how can anyone claim which people were saved?

The only studies on vaccinated versus unvaccinated relate to infection not hospitalisation. Because so few people were hospitalised with “CoVid” after the roll out began and so few in the older age group refused the vaccine, there just aren’t enough hospitalised due to “CoVid” not vaccinated over 70’s with Co-morbidities to make a valid comparison with. But as for infection rates the data there is damning too. A person who had two doses of the vaccine was twice as likely to find themselves with a CoVid diagnosis. A person boosted was three times as likely. Two boosters four times as likely. This may be due to the paranoid willingness of vaxtards to get tested every other day, but it still doesn’t say anything good about vaccine efficacy.

The bottom line is that the risk of getting a serious side effect (serious enough to put you in hospital emergency) is 1 person in every 800.

This data has been available to governments right from the start. I worked out these stats from the official data within weeks of the roll outs. Andrew Bridgen MP calls out those who keep pushing the boosters. What he says is good, but it doesn’t go far enough.

The initial roll out I could put down to criminal negligence causing mass death. After the first few weeks and all of the attempts of people like myself to sound the alarm being ridiculed and ignored, the crime increases to corruption causing mass death and every person who continues to approve further booster shots or shots to children is guilty of deliberate genocide.

Andrew Bridgen MP calls for a “full public inquiry”. What is required is mass arrests of politicians, bureaucrats, pharmaceutical executives, company bosses and media executives/presenters. This must be followed by public executions, stripping of personal assets and wealth with the remainder of the living criminals sentenced to hard labour in jail.

It’s either that or wait for the riots and lynchings when civilisation collapses.


You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.