Four Labor Rats Desert Dan’s Sinking Ship


Four senior Victorian Labor Ministers are set to resign today from Daniel Andrews’ government. Significantly, three of them include key players in the Covid Tyranny imposed on Victoria since 2020:

Four of Victoria’s most senior government ministers will resign at the next election and have stepped down from their portfolios ahead of the November vote.

..Deputy Premier James Merlino, Health Minister Martin Foley, Sport and Tourism Minister Martin Pakula and Police Minister Lisa Neville will be resignin…

The four outgoing ministers join Planning and Housing Minister Richard Wynne, who announced last year he would not recontest his seat at the next election.

A cabinet reshuffle is expected in the coming days, with Speaker Colin Brooks, Sonya Kilkenny and Lizzie Blandthorn already put forward as possible replacements.

The four outgoing members join the long list of ministers who have left the ministry since the Andrews government’s re-election 2018 including Jill Hennessy, former health minister Jenny Mikakos, Gavin Jennings, Adem Somyurek, Marlene Kairouz, Luke Donnellan and Robin Scott.

When we consider that Jenny Mikakos resigned as Health Minister in September 2020 during the fallout from the Hotel Quarantine debacle, the head of the Victorian Health Department Kym Peake resigned in November 2022, and CHO Brett Sutton is currently “on leave”, most of Daniel Andrews’ chief lieutenants, who were wheeled out to make it look as though he wasn’t a dictator during Melbourne’s record breaking lockdown, are gone.


Perhaps they are concerned about Victoria’s record debt levels? More bombshells from the IBAC enquiry? Are they concerned about the spike in Australia’s death rate post-vaccine mandate? Maybe they have seen the polling and know that the writing is on the wall regarding the upcoming November state election?

The Liberal Party lost seats in Melbourne at the federal election due to some well funded Teals in the inner suburbs, and outer suburban anger at the federal Liberal government over Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s failure to stop Covid Tyranny. Morrison probably still had a chance of pulling off another victory before he decided to deploy LRAD death rays against peaceful protestors.

In November, nothing is coming to save Daniel Andrews. The political class and the Lying Press may be trying to pretend that Covid Tyranny never happened, but millions of Victorians remember and are gunning for revenge.

On that note, the recent footage of recently retired Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner being held to account by an ordinary citizen should provide a glimpse into Daniel Andrews’ near future.

Sources suggest Michael Gunner has since moved interstate. Given he was forced to beat a hasty retreat from Bendigo last year, and he only felt safe to attend this year’s Anzac Day ceremony with a full police escort, Daniel Andrews will likely have to make himself scarce as well.

It’s an indication of the radicalisation of Western politics. Fraser Anning has for all intents and purposes been banished from Australia, many nationalists have been debanked, and several have become political prisoners. In America the Democrats have prosecuted their political opponents during office and well after they have been defeated *cough* electorally, and having tortured January 6 patriots are now putting them on showtrial. In Canada, ordinary people who opposed vaccine mandates had bank accounts and insurance cancelled for political reasons.

Gone are the days when a defeated politician can retire quietly and just leave the political scene, regardless of how hotly emotions ran against them while in office. In the left’s determination to establish a (((Western))) One Party State, conservatives, populists and nationalists are being criminalised.

This is naturally triggering a response from ordinary White people. As the extent of the full economic catastrophe of Covid lockdowns and the insane war and sanctions against Russia becomes apparent, the ability of Western governments to suppress dissent will deteriorate just as public anger intensifies.

I foresee a lot of early retirements and quiet escapes by Australian state and federal leaders. We should take a leaf out of our opponents’ book and hunt them relentlessly with the full force of the law. Prosecute former Covid criminals well into their 90’s. Do not let them live a quiet life on the other side of the world. In 2063, if the old codger next door from another country had any part to play in the Covid Tyranny of 2020-22, call in the SWAT team, plaster his face all over the papers and put him on show trial.

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