Science Says Face Masks Are Crap


The Lying Press is finally admitting the bleeding obvious; there is no scientific basis for mandating face masks whatsoever:

A “world-first” Australian study which Victoria’s government has held up as proof its mandatory face mask policy worked is riddled with basic errors and should never have been published in a major journal, medical researchers and experts say.

Victoria first made face masks mandatory outside the home in Melbourne during its second coronavirus wave in July 2020, but the Department of Health has been unable to provide any scientific research or studies upon which the decision was made.

Instead, the Department of Health directed to a paper published in July this year by the Burnet Institute – an influential public health body which has come under fire in recent months for its alarmist predictions – as justification for the mandate which has resulted in thousands of dollars in fines for Victorians.

The study claimed the mandatory face mask rule had turned the pandemic “almost overnight”.

“There has been a lot of low-quality research that has come out in the pandemic, but for this to be used as a basis for a policy change is staggering,” said Dr Kyle Sheldrick, a medical researcher and PhD candidate at the University of NSW.

We could have told them this. We did tell them this.

Another researcher, an eminent Australian clinician and scientist who spoke on the condition of anonymity, was equally scathing.

“I agree, it’s crap,” he said.

“It’s extremely lightweight. I think it’s a totally feeble article. It doesn’t have a rigorous methodology and it is weak in its scientific inference. I’ve been around a long time – I teach how you do clear thinking, I teach how you do reproducible science. I’m a bit of a stickler for these things.”

We pointed out that when Donald Trump was calling Covid the China Virus, the Lying Press said anybody who wore a face mask was a deplorable racist, but when they decided Covid could come in handy to steal the election, Liberals developed a fetish for double masking.

People have been producing videos from the start of the pandemic showing smoke blowing through all sorts of face masks:

There was actually no need to do an expensive study on the matter. A two year old could have told you it was crap:

When the direction was stepped up in Melbourne from simply covering the mouth and nose during the first lockdown to mandating the wearing of face masks, what had changed?


They had simply conditioned the population to accept covering the face, so it was time to escalate the level of control. The purpose of face masks was to rob people of individual identity and autonomy to make them more malleable, and to nudge the population to accept mandatory vaccines. If you can make people do one thing, you can make them do another.

However, if the Regime is happy for this kind of information to appear now in the Lying Press it does not mean that they are about to ease up on the wearing of face masks. It means that they are developing the narrative that face masks, anti-social distancing and 2 doses of the vaccine are not enough.

The case is now being made for mandatory vaccination of children and reglar, mandatory booster shots for everybody else.

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