Monica Smit is free


Monica Smit, the founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, is free. After a hearing yesterday she was released from prison. Crucially, she no longer has bail conditions limiting her freedom of speech, so she is able to continue to advocate against the lockdown and mandatory vaccinations, and RDA can continue functioning.

Smit was arrested during nationwide protests on August 31. Police had been following her through the streets of Melbourne and accosted her as part of a coordinated swoop which netted several high profile Freedom activists.

She founded Reignite Democracy Australia “in response to the Victorian government’s catastrophic handling of the COVID pandemic.” Its vision “is to empower people by giving them a voice and providing them with honest, timely and truthful information.”

In a pattern which mirrors the treatment of other Australian activists this year, the Regime used its control of the police and legal system to conspire in an attempt to destroy RDA, offering Smit bail on condition that she cease online activism and effectively disband RDA.

She decline, and spent nearly a month in prison.

Smit uploaded a video to her supporters yesterday. She wrote two books in prison, she wasn’t allowed any mail, and upon her release she became engaged. She implored people to find the strength within themselves to do more to defeat the growing tyranny in Australia.

If the Victorian Regime hoped to destroy the Freedom movement in jailing Monica Smit they failed miserably. Daily protests are now being held in Melbourne, with people across all walks of life coming together to defy home imprisonment, vaccine passports and Global Biomedical Totalitarianism.

Mind you, Melbourne has become a scary place during her time away.

People are starting to understand just how bad things really are.