VIDEO: ATTEMPTED MURDER by Victoria Police at Flinders Street Station


It is unclear when this video is from but it is believed to be recent, possibly as recent as yesterday. A man can be seen talking to police at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. The police are wearing face masks, indicating that this footage is at least from since the “pandemic” began.

While the man is talking calmly to police, another police officer sneaks up on him from behind, slings him back and throws him to the ground.

The man had no warning, not the slightest indication that this was about to occur. Thus he did not brace for the impact, and the police officer grabs him by the arms sohe cannot protect himself from the fall, so his whole body and face are slammed into the hard floor of the train station.

The man is knocked unconscious.

This attack by the Victoria Police officer was completely unprovoked and unwarranted. It was premeditated. If it had been at a place with a soft, grassy surface it would have constituted serious assault. Given the ground at Flinders Street Station is hard, there are grounds to charge this police officer with attempted murder. His fellow officers are accomplices.

This assault fits a burgeoning pattern of police violence against innocent Victorians in recent months. Yesterday, footage emerged of military-clad Special Operations Group officers decking a man in Melbourne.

Victoria police have repeatedly fired rubber bullets at close range against unarmed peaceful protesters, including yesterday’s outrage at the Shrine of Remembrance.

Freedom activist Nick Patterson was assaulted and had his arm dislocated several months ago by Victoria Police.

In Sydney last week, a woman was indecently exposed by NSW officers.

But remember, this is about public health.

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