This ship won’t be righted


Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill on 9 June 2021. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

Regular reader Rabuti commented on my piece on the abandonment of MGTOW where I exhorted men to be brave, trust in God and have children. His comment is an objection of my own stance.

What you call fear I call logic. What you call brave I call madness. Marriage and kids is for the super-crazy or super-brave at this point. The rest of us need to find some other role in righting the ship.

We need to burst this illusion once and for all. This ship won’t be righted. Western civilization has been a dying old man since the Great War. Our culture is already over, it’s just that the vast majority haven’t accepted that yet. What we think of as our civilization is merely the last remaining embers waiting to be finally wafted away in the coming awful wind.

In his comment Rabuti also stated that having children is now suicidal because the young kid can come home declaring that he wants to have his dick cut off and parents are now legally obliged to do so. He is correct. But this is just a statement in support of the fact that our society is over bar the shouting. You don’t have kids to feed them into the dying meat grinder. You have kids to start up what comes next.

We are living in a truly awful predicament because we are witness to our civilization dying but we will not be witness to that which comes next. Any cursory glance at history will confirm that; the timelines do not lie. It will likely be a few hundred years before something will rise from the ashes of what is presently falling down around us. This fact instills fear and hopelessness in those caught up in its inexorable denouement. And that which is dying always seeks to destroy that which will come after it. The snake is most dangerous the very moment after its head is cut off. The Nazi regime killed more of its own people in the final six weeks of the war than over the entire length of the war before it.

And a new culture is like a new birth; nobody knows what shape it will take, what form in which it will arise. Cultures are organic, they take root and spring from the soil. What is today falsely labeled as the Dark Ages was in fact the early adult blooming of our own civilization. But the time after the fall of the Roman Empire was most probably not a good time to be around. You would have been better off being a Pict than a Roman citizen when that went down. Which means that things are going to get grim, and when things get grim you want family around.

That is why you need to have kids. And you keep them far away from all of the vestiges of our dying culture and you teach them real skills and values, you never let them have a phone, and you keep them far away from the schools. And you find like minded people close to you also having kids, and you arrange the marriages of the young ones early on so you keep your small power in your hands. You go full patriarchal because that is what is coming.

This ship has already passed 90 degrees and it ain’t ever coming back. Your chances of getting it back are about the same as reintroducing knights on horseback. You can’t turn back the clock and you can’t make something old to be young again. The only thing to do is to accept this and get to work. I sure am going to miss the indoor plumbing.