Everybody Hates Cops


Stunning and brave footage has emerged of selfless police officers in Bowral who stunningly and bravely pushed back against White Supremacist terrorists, whom witnesses allege had harassed an elderly Portuguese lady, damaged flower beds in a neighbour’s garden and kicked a cat.

Don Bradman would be rolling in his grave.

Actually, they’re just organic store owners and customers who didn’t want to wear masks because they’re unhygienic.

In Victoria since the lockdowns began a pattern has emerged, whereby police are using unnecessary, illegal and disproportionate violence against Australians who do not comply with coronavirus tyranny.

As the rest of Australia locks down, this pattern is now spreading throughout the rest of the country. This comes just two days after anti-mask and anti-lockdown activist Philfy was arrested during his own livestream in Queensland.

This fits with The XYZ prediction that as obnoxious as Daniel Andrews is, he is merely one small link in a long globalist chain, and that Victoria is merely a prepping ground for policies which will spread to the rest of the country and to the rest of the world.

Global tyranny is upon us. The only question you must ask yourself is: What are you prepared to do about it?