Thomas Sewell has been moved to Port Phillip Prison


Thomas Sewell has been moved from Melbourne Assessment Prison to Port Phillip Prison. For those who wish to write a letter to Tom rather than using the PPP email service this is the prisoner mail address. PO Box 376 , Laverton VIC 3029.

Port Phillip Prison AKA The Meat Grinder AKA The Gauntlet AKA The Killing Fields AKA Port Putrid is a privately-owned shithole which is overcrowded, dimly lit that has the feeling of a mental asylum. It’s a place where you struggle to get a blanket or a pillow and could be waiting a month before you get one that looks like it was donated from an AIDS-infested, third-world, Thai prison full of transvestites. 

Living conditions there are well below human standards. The cells lack ventilation and are cramped. The mattresses are several years old and have seen copious amounts of urine, faeces and blood.

The units housing the prisoners are out of control. The guards lay back playing around on their computers rather than doing their job and maintaining prison order which results in extreme violence taking place several times a day, rampant drug use, predatory sexual violence, extortion and standovers not to mention the suicides and murders that a lot of the time go unsolved. Only recently, they have installed cameras in the units which doesn’t help the scores of prisoners on remand awaiting trial in regards to alleged crimes that they may not even be found guilty of, who have fallen victim to the horrors committed by the sentenced prisoners. In a majority of cases these prisoners are the byproduct of a corrupt and privately owned prison system that is meant to rehabilitate them, but has failed at doing so and instead created angry young men with nothing left to lose behind the walls of PPP. This will make you or break you.

Originally posted at Telegram.