Philfy imprisoned without trial for his political views


Philfy is a former Proud Boy who left the organisation following a growing awareness of the Racial Question, in particular the Jewish Question. He is slightly batty, highly entertaining and a tireless campaigner against mask mandates and lockdowns.

Yesterday he was arrested, and he caught the arrest live as he was streaming.

If you are having trouble watching the video, you can watch it on his YouTube channel here. In the video he attended a shopping centre without a mask and stated reasons why mask mandates and the lockdowns are utterly ridiculous.

The Lying Press have written an article on his arrest, which claims:

After becoming aware of the live stream, investigating officers from Browns Plains Police Station identified Simpson was at the Grand Plaza and arrested him outside the centre.

Police said after his arrest that Simpson had a valid exemption for not wearing a mask but that he was wanted on a number of charges including assault police, obstruct police, commit public nuisance and failing to appear.

This does not make sense. The article makes it clear that Philfy is no stranger to the law. They know where he lives. If he was “wanted” on so serious a charge as “assault police” (sic) then they could easily have just gone to his house.

To arrest him during a livestream when he has been advocating against mask mandates and lockdowns indicates that the police understood the political context of what they were doing, that waiting for such an opportunity rather than just going to his house could serve a more sinister purpose:


You might think arresting an autistic anti-mask and anti-lockdown campaigner during his own livestream is bad optics for the police. Wrong, it is great optics. It is meant as a deterrent to others not as brave as Philfy. These guys know exactly what they are doing.

This fits a pattern whereby the media have trumpeted the arrests of a series of high profile nationalist leaders and anti-lockdown leaders including Thomas Sewell, Neil Erikson and Nick Patterson. The egregious arrest of Tyler Jakovac in particular was made the day before the announcement of the Inquiry into Extremist Movements and Radicalism in Australia, in order to skew public perception of the non-existent White Supremacist “threat”.

Thus arrests of anti-establishment figures, the escalation of government control over Australians and the utter duplicity of the Lying Press go hand in hand.

Philfy has been refused bail, and could remain in jail until a hearing on August 17. He is now yet another political prisoner of the Australian Regime, imprisoned without trial for his political beliefs.